Harry Potter but who is the Cursed Child?



Please don’t read any further if you have not yet read the book, unless if you don’t care and you really want to know what went on!

Well, the book doesn’t really answer this question but while reading it 4 candidates pop up.



  • The first candidate is of course Albus Severus Potter, as this whole book is pretty much about him trying to make it out of his own father’s shadow. Could Potter’s legacy be the curse laying above his own child? Doubtfully, but since in the end everything turns out pretty much fine for all our Potters, I’m guessing Albus Severus is not really the cursed one here… I heard also some opinions about him being the Cursed Child since his father never learnt to be a parent (lack of role model) but to me that’s still a no, at best a maybe. What would qualify ASP to be the Cursed Child and not James Sirius for instance?
  • The second candidate is of course Scorpius Malfoy. Rumoured to be, Voldemort’s very own son, his mother died (it would seem that this rumour played a huge part on her death?), could he be after all the Cursed Child? To me, while reading the book, he was maybe a candidate for 5 minutes and that was all. Yes, of course the Malfoy legacy could be a curse, but here, since we didn’t give Albus the chance to be the Cursed Child above, I don’t see why should we consider Scorpius as a candidate. And of course, in the end, he also makes up with his father so, it’s a no from me!
  • Our third candidate is no other than Cedric Diggory. I do believe he is just “used” in this book by our fourth candidate  to serve her purposes but he is worth to mention, at least to me because I liked the idea. We did see the alternate realities and Cedric in each of them ended up either dead, either a Death Eater. Also, Cedric was killed by Voldemort and Voldemort did use an unforgivable curse to kill him. Could that qualify him as the Cursed Child? No matter what changes in time and space, Cedric’s future will never be the bright one that his dad dreamt for him? Makes you wonder…
  • The last candidate is obviously Delphi, Bellatrix and Voldemort’s daughter. Never really met or spent time with her parents. Raised by a stranger for a good sum of money. The whole plot is build around her, trying to change the past so that both of her parents or her father (which would also mean her mom as she was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts) remain alive and she gets to know them. Is she a fair candidate for a Cursed Child? I will have to go with yes on this one!

After reading entirely the book I am pretty convinced that the “Cursed Child” is supposed to be Delphini. Her father managed to get defeated and die twice from a boy that was more than 50 years younger than him and that was just a baby during their first encounter. Her mother died fighting in a battle -that only took place- for power. She did have some close family,  the Malfoys, but none of them apparently could taken over the task to raise her (at this point I can’t help but think that the Dursleys did take Harry in, even if they were not happy about it, so shame on you Malfoys). So yes, it looks like Delphi is supposed to be our Cursed Child after all.

If I decide to look at this “book” a little deeper, I do think that each and everyone of us might find a different Cursed Child based on our personal experiences, we might even add new candidates to my list. Maybe a family’s middle child, with big shoes to fill will believe it’s Albus. Maybe someone that has lost a parent or is treated unfairly at school will believe it’s Scorpius. You know what I mean.
For me it would be Cedric, partially because I don’t want to honour Delphi with this title (I do believe Harry was raised by much more cruel people than Euphemia Rowle and he did turn out just fine) but also because I do believe his life should have been much much different in any possible aspect and that the only reason he turned out dead or evil or bitter in any normal or parallel timelines was the presence of Harry Potter in that Tournament.
Also, just a suggestion or advice to future Albus and Scorpius – that still have a year left to read my blog before they start school: Instead of trying to make Cedric fail the Tournament, you could just try and stop Barty Crouch Junior from putting Harry’s name in the GoF, then there would be no portkey, no Voldemort coming back (yet at least), no Cedric dying or becoming a death eater. For all you know, in my scenario, Cedric does win the Tournament, he becomes great and famous and fights Voldemort by standing by Harry’s side. But you couldn’t think of that before, could you now? -.-

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