341 Days till Christmas!

Hello there! We already are half our way through January but this post was long due and necessary so there was no way for me to skip it. Since my masterplan was to have the blog updated once per week and I have already missed week 2, this week you should be expecting two posts!
Why is this post Christmas related you ask? Well, I never got the chance to show off my Christmas gifts (instagram excluded) so here I am showing you my little treasures!

From my wonderful sister-in-law I got this super cute star, that you can light up with some LED lights that you place inside of it. You can then hang the star from your window as I did, from the ceiling or from wherever you fancy. There is no way a picture will ever make it justice as it needs to be taken with no light in order for the star to show up properly.

From my mother-in-law I got -among other stuff- a book, an ENGLISH book (yeah she is that sweet) and an adorable book tote-bag that made some friends a little jealous! The book I haven’t read yet, I of course will so you should be expecting a review, I do know there was a movie made based on it last year (which I haven’t watched either, so no spoilers for me) that has scored 7.5/10 stars on imdb, so I’m sure I’ll really enjoy the story.

From my mum, I got a cozy pair of UGGs to continue our quite fresh tradition from last year. I had forgotten how good a brand new pair of these feels on your feet and how warm and comfortable they are. I think for next year I will ask for the slippers! I’m having a hard time to picture this colour with the rest of the stuff that I own, since they are mostly black and grey but to my surprise, it seems to be complimenting blacks and blues really nicely, so if you are thinking about these babies but are scared of the colour, just stop being and go get them!

My *precious* for this year, with the exception of two other books that I have no pictures to show off yet is a Codello shopper-bag, Peanuts themed, with Snoopy on it that my husband got me. Yes, it sounds childish but it’s not (as much) I promise! The material is polyutheran, which is quite strong, doesn’t get wet and doesn’t break easily. Perfect for a bit shopper-bag! Oh yes, this bag is big (55cmx34cm big) which means it fits easily my filofax and the chaos that I like to carry around with me!

Unfortunately, Spooky didn’t get my anything for Christmas but he was kind enough to let me take this photo of him, which kinda made it up: 


Yes, I know I have already posted it, but who can resist to Santa-Spooky? O.O

Talk to you soon!



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