Mid-January Blues!

Let me bring you up to date with my past week, grab a cuppa and join me! On Monday I had to skip work as I needed to be at the doctor’s. I spent the past weekend decluttering my closet, but I am still not happy with it, so more decluttering will follow! I’ve also finally managed to get my old laptop out and find some pictures that I desperatly wanted to post on Instagram. They will be getting up there this week, probably also the next one so keep an eye for them. I have not grabbed any brush or pensil lately since I have one project that I started last year still pending on an unfinished state and I hate starting something new without finishing what I have already started. I have watched like 3-4 seasons of Pretty Little Liars for one more time, you know, on the couch, like a zombie

But anyways, you might remember that I mentioned on doing some blogging about sims4 few posts before. Well, that started at the begining of the year only to end with my sim dying, from food poisoning! Like come on, how could that happen. I admit, I never had any sim dying from that yet, so at least it got to be a new experience! I will be re-starting the sims project as soon as I get a little better health and time.

I have also a lot of books to read on my list for before Summer arrives (I don’t read during Summer) and some reviews will follow – when the time comes, I just hope I will manage it because there are a lot on this list! I might end up adding few new ones though that I’ve discovered last week. They are Disney related so it’s a must!

Well, apart from all this, I’ll be working mostly on Instagram the next couple of weeks but of course, you should expect blog updates.

Now, I gotta run, Spooky was at the groomer’s yesterday and he smells yummy and is so soft that I need to go and cuddle him before he crawls in the mud again!

See you next week!


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