IKEA and math!

Let’s have a little talk about interior design. More specifically about IKEA. On Instagram, I’m following several IKEA pages, one of them being IKEA USA. I mostly like the style IKEA has to offer. I admit, I’m almost never going for the cheapest of things, which might be one of the purposes of IKEA, I instead look for something that is simple, elegant, and won’t look totally out of date in a couple of years.Few months ago, I completely fell in love with this very specific setup that was posted on thei page, isn’t it gorgeous?

Of course it is! So, I was checking to see how much, this exact setup would cost me in the end, if I was to replace our entire dining room setup. So, I hope you’re comfy and ready for what follows.
I will obviously just go for the main stuff, chairs, table, the big items, I will not look into plates, glasses etc.

Let’s get started! For this set up you I would be needing:

  • 4 ÄLMSTA chairs ( 89 euros / 99 dollars each)
  • 1 INGATORP table (249 euros / 349 dollarts)
    • Note: both IKEA Germany and USA (that I am looking up the prices) offer these 4 chairs and table as a set (605 euros / 745 dollars) for the same amount of price as if you buy them individually
  • 1 MALSJÖ cabinet (349 euros / 379 dollars)
  • 1 RANARP pendant lamp that comes in two different sizes, the one in the picture is the large one (29.99 euros / 39.99 dollars)
  • HOVSLUND rug (59 euros / 99 dollars)
  • The floor lamp that you can see on this image seems to not be available anymore but I replaced it with a similar one called ÅRSTID (39.99 euros / 44.99 dollars)

So the grand total of the basic of this setup is 1.082,98 euros or 1.307,98 dollars.

Considering that the chairs are said to be handmade, the table extendable and the cabinet doors made out of glass (all of these: 954 euros / 1.124 dollars), what do you think of the price of such a setup?

  • Is it too expensive?
  • Is it maybe something you would buy slowly piece by piece and not all at once?
  • Would you consider such a purchase worthy for a dining room?
  • And of course, would you like to have a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner in on this setup?
  • Also, have you ever noticed the difference of prices between each country’s IKEA stores?

Let me know what you think down in the comments!

Talk to you soon!

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