Mexican food at Enchilada!

One of my very favourite places in Karlsruhe for food and drinks has been Enchilada‘s since forever! Trust me when I say that I am super-difficult to feed.
To that note, let me explain:

  • I do eat almost everything
  • If I did not like something once, no way I will touch it ever again, even if cooked differently (you can’t fool me, mother!)
  • I do NOT like pizza
  • I recently realized that garlic makes me feel sick to my stomach (yeah, and I’m Greek)
  • I love burgers and sandwiches
  • I adore soups and salads
  • I do NOT eat healthy

Now, I would like you all to keep in mind, that Germans have some weird passionate relationship, not just with beer but also with cocktails. And here, let me add that I am also weird with what I drink. I don’t like water and although I used to be obsessed with Coca-Cola (to the point that my cousin, when we lived together, was buying me 2L bottles and coming home telling me she got me “medicine“). I despise Fanta, Sprite, Lucozade and any of this type of soft-drinks. Cocktails since most of them contain different alcoholic drinks or not inside, are very hard for me to like, as it’s close to impossible that they are made only of ingredients that I like.

Let’s go back to Enchilada‘s now. Enchilada‘s has very tasty, mostly mexican food and delicious cocktails! I know that when I say mexican food, everyone is probably thinking of “spicy” food. I, personally, wouldn’t call their food spicy. You don’t have this standard “let’s-cover-everything-in-chili” theme that you see in a lot of mexican restaurants going on and their food in general is not heavy but rather unique.

Apart from the yummy fajitas and burritos they have a dish called the Big Starter Platter, that is for two people+, it looks gorgeous and tastes even better, with a variety of different stuff that you can try.

The image that you see here is from the Enchilada Karlsruhe Instagram Page. Give them a follow, their account is pretty nice and doesn’t just have food but funny sayings like “Save water, drink tequila” which is something they do lately and it gets away from the food-food-food attitude that most restaurant pages have.

So, if you go there, make sure you give this a try but if you are not up to sharing but want something refreshing and just for yourself, I would highly recommend their chicken salad Ensalada Pollo that is just amazing! This is my new absolute favourite and it’s just delicious! Oh! Needless to say that they also have vegan and of course vegetarian options and since this summer they have also added delicious burgers to the menu, for those of you that are not really into mexican food.

You might be wondering “Why would I go to a mexican restaurant if I am not into mexican food?”. I have two answers for you : Cocktails & Desserts. My all time favourite cocktail (I admit some times I asked to go to Enchilada, even though I wasn’t hungry, just for the cocktails) is called Big Ben. Yes, you heard me, Big Ben! Coincidence? I don’t think so! Now, they have also some homemade Ice-Teas that I have yet to try but I hear are also really good and obviously they are #MadeWithLove!

Didn’t I also mention desserts? Yeah I did! Have a look at this plate here!
If this is not the most colourful dessert platter you ever had then I don’t know what is!  It is called the Dulce grande and it has pretty much everything they serve for dessert, in a small portion but big enough for two people to enjoy! Ans these sweet nachos dipped in chocolate or caramel sauce (or not) are to die for! You can also find churros, fruits, ice-cream and of course their chocolicious chocolate cake!

For me though, the cake is my personal favourite (why did you think that I was just getting a salad before? 😉

Of course, it comes with vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and two quite generous pieces of this amazing, warm chocolate cake that if you think you’ll be unable to finish on your own, well, think again! This thing is so yummy, I’m actually drooling while writing this post. So, if you ever visit Enchilada, make sure you order a Pastel de Chocolate for dessert, if not, know that you will be missing something and if you are a decent person I advise you to regret it till the end of your days!

I could also suggest you to try out their churros, that are also delicious. They are small versions of the spanish ones (if you’ve ever tried these) sprinkled with powder sugar and they come with a chocolate sauce dip! To be honest, I’ve never have tried churros before and I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t like them, you see, they are deep-fried and I’m not a big fan of that but they managed to win my heart in seriously no time!

Now let’s be honest, are you guys also drooling here or is it just me?

Hope you liked this post and if you ever spot any Enchilada restaurant you will pay them a visit!
Talk to you again soon =)

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