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So the other day @richardleemassey from Instagram made quite an interesting post asking for his followers to respond with ‘What’s the best decision you’ve made in the past year and how has it had a positive impact on your life?

I replied was to work less and put more effort on my blog and Instagram, which I did do last year but… one thing that I did not mention was that I started drawing again. What’s the positive impact with that you might ask? Well, it’s super relaxing for me and it really allows me to turn off my brain. Needless to explain, why being relaxed has a positive impact on anyone’s life.

As most of you might know by now, I’m a huge Disney fan, which means that I love to draw anything Disney related. So, here, I’ve decided to show you what I worked on during 2016 and what I’ve done till today. In case you are wondering why are the images so bad, these are basically images that I’ve sent to my mom or posted on Instagram. All the paintings were given away to friends so I have nothing to re-take proper pictures of.
My very first one was this image of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. It’s quite special to me as it’s the first coloured painting I did on canvas. And… a little secret for this one: I usually work with acrylic as I like more the way it looks but this one is made from markers. Crazy huh?
The end result is not such a bright colour, this image has been filtered but I guess you get the end result. You can also click on the image to see the picture a little bigger than that.
I did enjoy my “marker technic”  as it gives you more the impression of the watercolour compared to the more steep result that you get with the acrylic paint but… even though it has tons of protection spray on top, I do believe that after a while the colours will start to fade.

My second painting was of Olaf from Frozen – who doesn’t love this little guy? He was much easier to do as he doesn’t have many colours and I really enjoyed painting him, mostly because he looks always so happy (not grumpy like the beast) so he did a lot of cheering up for me while I was working on him. The most challenging part was the body/shape of him as it’s a very specific one and wouldn’t have worked with any mistakes from my part. I think he turned out quite alright for my second attempt, so I can say I’m pretty much satisfied with him.

Next one on my list was Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. He gave me a bit of pain with his tiny fingers, toes and nails not to mention that the shadows are quite important to his shape (have you ever noticed that he looks like a green apple?) but I also quite enjoyed the procedure and I loved how his eye turned out! I honestly didn’t know how the eye would end up looking in the end and the dude is one big eye so you can’t get that wrong but I was quite happy with it. The thing that I would have “fixed” though if I would have noticed it earlier is the lack of shadow on the upper part of his legs. Some people are able to make gorgeous shadows, I’m just not one of them!

Stitch from Lily and Stitch was also quite easy to do. I found this image of him on Pinterest, I had it pinned for a while actually before I started him and it reminded me so much of how Spooky sits down that I really wanted to make him. I of course had the perfect candidate to give him to once I was done so he was done in no time. The only problem was, my friend asked me to add a background to him which at the beginning I was willing to do but the more time was passing, the more I couldn’t find the perfect one so at some point I just force-gave him to her because I needed to see him moving on so I could move on as well!

On this next one, I was working on for many hours during my Summer vacation -and I admit it that I pretty much destroyed it due to me rushing it- but I will do my best to fix it next summer when I go back to my parents‘ where it is currently located.

If any of you have ever visited the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris, you might have noticed, hanging from a wall in one of the upper floors a beautiful tapestry with Prince Philip fighting Maleficent’s Dragon. I noticed it quite a few years ago and took plenty of pictures of it, always having in the back of my mind that I will one day draw and paint this for my flat. 7-8 years ago I did, indeed start working on the canvas and draw the whole thing but I never found the courage or the patience or the guts to paint it. I did though this summer and what you see above is the end result (result of me trying to finish it before leaving for Germany). I don’t know if you can tell what I hate about it, but I won’t tell you what it is (because I simply know that once seen it cannot be unseen, I’m doing you a favor, trust me).

The last thing I worked on was the Nightmare Before Christmas from Tim Burton. This one took me mooooooooooonths to finish! The reason was simply the roses. I had promised it to a friend for her birthday. Well, she had no clue what I was doing for her, but still. I basically started it 1-2 weeks before the birthday and I finished it like 3 months later. Coz of these damn roses! I hate drawing roses! I am not the kind of person that will draw flowers here and there and to be totally honest I never ever attempted to draw roses before, even less copy them. I knew I just wouldn’t get the right. Which I didn’t here too, but the rest of the painting is quite interesting so the roses don’t really matter (I hope).

I already have in mind one or two (or more) paintings that I’d like to do in the future for a couple of friends but I’d like to take a break from this for a while, plus I need to get a few new brushes and restock my colour supplies so I’ll just be taking it easy for a bit.

Feel free to let me know if you like the paintings, what you’d do differently or in general, whatever pops in your mind.

Here are 2 pics from the Maleficent Dragon and Prince Phillip while it was still WIP:


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