Lootcrate’s Wizarding World crate!

Small update for you guys! There will be a blog post next week, I promise!

Just in case you didn’t know (just as I didn’t know till my friend told me) Lootcrate is having a Wizarding World crate every two months. Just click on my referral LINK, then pick a crate and get your very own Wizarding World crate! You can also have your own referral link and share it among your friends (check the perks on the Lootcrate website to find out more).

I just bought today my first crate that will be the May one. The theme of this one is “Dark Arts”. Being a Slytherin this couldn’t be a better theme for me to get introduced to this box – obviously!
Once I have the crate in my hands I’ll either do an unboxing video or blog-post (will depend on my free time) so keep an [mad]eye around here (see what I did there?).

Keep in mind: Lootcrate has EXCLUSIVE AND OFFICIALLY LICENSED products in their crates!

If you have ever purchased any Lootcrates, let me know what you got in them, I couldn’t be more hyped about this one and I’m honestly looking forward to May!

ps: YES! This post deserves to be made in Slytherin green!

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