London: Walk around the Hotel neighbourhood to see where is what

TN1Walking around is the first thing I like to do whenever I’m someplace different than at home. Actually, I think I got this from my mom. When we moved to France, every weekend she was going around the neighbourhood discovering new stuff each time. When I moved here and she came to visit me, she ended up knowing pretty much every lil shop around any corner of the city and at that point I barely knew which direction to take just to go to Mc Donald’s.

So while out, hunting in London (aka looking for a place to eat), the first thing that poped in front of me… you guessed it! A red phone booth! I so love these!


 My first fish & chips experience ever was that very same day. The first pub we went was called “The Mitre”. Pubs in England are really homey, I was actually really impressed. Wood everywhere, wallpaper on the walls, extremely comfortable chairs and nice heating. The Mitre was just beautiful to pretty much every little detail and the food (even though I was extremely hungry and I could eat anything) was quite nice. TN3 TN2


Another pub that I really enjoyed was “The Swan”. I’m still drooling over the thought of those eggs & ham which pretty much became my lunch and/or dinner. Just opposite to the Hyde Park, it was between the underground and our hotel. The Staff was really friendly and the service was fast, even though it’s a pretty busy place!



1926823_725713524126947_279472644_nA random but nice pub that we just went once, while sightseeing around the Big Ben was St Stephen’s Tavern”. There again had great food (upstairs), it was really really nice and cosy and just what we needed after walking for an hour in the rain.










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