Clinique Advent Calendar Days: 7-12

Hello everyone and Happy Christmas! I hope you had a great Christmas Eve yesterday, surrounded with friends and family and that you are also having a great day today!

Time for me to introduce you to the next 6 products of the Clinique Advent Calendar 2017. In case you’ve missed the first 6, click here and take a look!

Also, just as last time to make your life easier:

  1. There are 1-2 hashtags at the end of each product’s presentation, so you don’t have to read the whole thing and waste time in case it is not something that interests you.
  2. Also, I have added the aprox value of the item of the calendar but please keep in mind the actual item price and amount is different.
  3. And last but not least, links to .de and .com websites are added, if the products exist, for you to have a deeper look and maybe buy them =)

Day 7: Blush Brush – Considering that the 6th product of the Calendar was a Blush, it would only make sense to give out a brush for it the next day, am I right? Sure I am, and Clinique was too! Now, this might not be the puffiest brush I’ve ever had, and I don’t know if it’s actual size or not since I don’t own any Clinique brushes but what I can say is that it’s super soft and that’s highly appreciated! Many brands that specialize in make up or just skin care also have brushes but their quality always sucks since let’s admit it, it’s just not their thing! This one, so far looks pretty good and it kinda pushed me to want to try out their new Foundation Buff Brush (look at this beauty here).
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 22,00)  #blush #brush

Day 8: 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula – This product reminds me of one of my old favourites (when I say old I mean 20 years ago old – not kidding!). A face scrub, very thin one just like this one (which makes it perfect even for soft daily use and I love that) but that was leaving your face super refreshed since it had a hint of menthol in it – I spent a whole summer with that back then! Anyway, if you have oily skin (types 3 or 4), I would personally recommend you to pick the Exfoliating Scrub instead as it’s specific for those skin types and it costs the same (.com .de)
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 9,30) #scrub #cleanskin

Day 9: Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – Don’t I love this one!? This is basically my day cream. When you have kinda mixed skin type like mine, it’s hard to find a cream that is not heavy enough to leave your skin all oily or one that is light enough but yet stays on your skin and works throughout the day. This little miracle here, does hydrate my skin, does get absorbed right away and doesn’t leave any trace of oil on my face. I got it as sample and tried it out before summer and since then I’m just in love with it! It is meant for all skin types BUT I personally would recommend it for the more oily types, if you have dry skin, you can use it as a boost during the day (especially in winter) but I would suggest you to stick to something heavier (like moisturizing lotions). One more thing, this cream can be considered quite expensive but please keep in mind it can last you for a long while. #moisturizer #cream
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 4,07)

Day 10: Clinique Smart Night Costum-Repair Moisturizer – Now, I’ll be honest I can’t really judge this product properly. Mostly because it’s meant to fight wrinkles and lines etc which is something I don’t really pay attention to so I can’t say if it makes a difference BUT, what I can say is: 1. It’s quite expensive and 2. It has pretty damn good reviews (especially from people above 30). Would I try it if I was concerned about wrinkles etc? For sure! I’m actually considering to buy this and the moisturizer for my mum and have her make you a review of it! 
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 9,94) #wrinklefighter #allskintypes

Day 11: Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream – Love it! I am actually wearing it right now. I have no idea if it makes any difference to cuticles but I can assure you, my dried-out and tortured from the cold weather hands feel definitely soothed by this cream. It leaves a bit of a shine on your skin but it doesn’t leave any oily residue like most hand-creams do. 
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 9,40) #handcream #cuticlecare

Day 12: Cream Shaper For Eyes – in the colour: 01 Black Diamond – So, I wore this yesterday. The colour is quite strong for something coming out of a pensil (not that I didn’t like that). Depending on how smoothly you use it, it can either be used for a soft, natural look or for something more dramatic. I’m a fan of the Clinique Liquid Liner pen, but in case I’m in a hurry and can’t focus on a “precision-line” I would use the cream shaper instead. For something more casual, I would also recommend giving a shot to the Quickliner For Eyes Instense (I have the Chocolate one and I love it).
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 12,00) #eyeliner #eyepensil

I know you didn’t see anything negative in this post but this was a nice batch of products! Till next time…

Note: the value in euros of the 6/6 items that we could aprox calculate: 66,71 
Adding the aprox value of items 1-6: 66,71 + 39,07 = 105,78 (out of total Advent Calendar cost of 74,99)


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