Clinique Advent Calendar Days: 13-18

Hello you! Have I wished you a Happy New Year’s Eve-Eve? No? Well, I hope you are having a great time preparing for 2018 to come!

Sorry, to have kept you waiting for a bit more than I should maybe but I was working on some other stuff around here. But.. Here you have part 3 and tomorrow or maximum after tomorrow you’ll be having also part 4. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here, in case you’ve missed them!

Just as last time to make your life easier:

  1. There are 1-2 hashtags at the end of each product’s presentation, so you don’t have to read the whole thing and waste time in case it is not something that interests you.
  2. Also, I have added the aprox value of the item of the calendar but please keep in mind the actual item price and amount is different.
  3. And last but not least, links to .de and .com websites are added, if the products exist, for you to have a deeper look and maybe buy them =)

Day 13: Liquid Facial Soap Mild – I’ve been already using this one as I got it as a mini extra from my previous Clinique purchase (Latest Clinique Treasures) and I quite love it. It is not really for my skin type, I would say I’m type 3 but for some products type 2 works as well and this is one of them. I use it both in the morning and in the evening, especially after using the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and I’m very happy with it. 
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: from 1,23 to 1,65) #cleanface 

Day 14: Clarifying Lotion Twice A Day Exfoliator 2 – This one I was very scared it will either leave my skin VERY oily either VERY dry. But, no. I use it mostly in the evening (after the Liquid Facial Soap Mild – see above) and it leaves my skin quite refreshed and cooled down. 
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 6,6) #refreshed #exfoliated

Day 15: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + – Now, this one is quite a good moisturizing lotion but it doesn’t work for me. Not that it doesn’t moisturize, it so does but I do feel my skin a bit oily afterwards, especially in the morning (it gets shinny) if I’ve used it at night. This is quite normal as the Moisturizing Lotion is meant for skin types 1 or 2, the dry ones. Instead, I have tried in the past the Moisturizing Gel, that is meant for types 3 and 4, and it has worked perfectly. I do tend to buy more the Moisture Surge creams over the Dramatically Different ones though and I’m quite happy with them, although maybe the Dramatically Different ones might be more winter appropriate. 
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 15) #moisturized #nomoredryskin

Day 16: Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer – in the colour Cherry Pop – Oh! This lil beauty! I absolutely LOVE this colour! As I also said in my Instagram stories when I opened Day 16, it’s a very Festive and Holiday appropriate colour that I definetly wanted to try so I was very excited that this was included. 
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 17,64) #festivelips 

Day 17: All About Eyes – This cream has raised quite a lot of questions! I bought it as part of a set for a gift a while ago and quite a few people asked if it’s working. It actually does work but… it takes a bit. Keep also in mind, if your eyes are tired because you haven’t slept for a week, this will not make the sleepless nights vanish but if you just wake up with puffiness etc one day, this will make it go away. It is advised to use it twice per day, so don’t expect magic, the more you use it, the better results you’ll see. Oh! And it also does help settle your eye make up better!
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 12,16) #nodarkcircles #nomorepuffyeyes

Day 18: Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator – So this is like my favourite Moisturge Surge Extended Thirst Relief but it’s only for types 1 and 2 (dry ones) and to my skin it has extreme results. Maybe, closer to the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (see above) than the Moisture Surge. I do like using it though once the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel has done its job but left my skin a little too dry, then this cream is super soothing!
.com .de (aprox. value in euros: 4,2) #highlyhydrated #nomoredryskin

27 hours till 2018!


Note: the value in euros of the 6/6 items that we could aprox calculate: 56,83 
Adding the aprox value of items 1-12: 105,78 + 56,83 = 162,61 (out of total Advent Calendar cost of 74,99)


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