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Let me give you some advice. Are you pregnant? Buy yourself some pregnancy clothes! Did you actually think you’re going to get away without them as I did? Think again! This belly is growing and it’s “hello muffintop” in your jeans! Not to mention that if you are as unlucky as I was, most likely, all your skinny jeans will hurt your lower belly while you are sitting and make you have to go to the bathroom every five minutes! Oh! And don’t even think of making the mistake to just buy normal clothes in a larger size, been there – done that and I can tell you, they were still uncomfortable AND they made me look like I’ve gotten double the weight I actually had. Maternity clothes are made for a reason, trust me! This belly band that you see on those jeans? It will keep your belly warm and your newly acquired love handles safe and tuck away from prying eyes! This humongous parka jacket? Will fit your belly in even in your last pregnancy month and might even give you some extra thick jumper space that is so needed, if you, like me, are due in the middle of winter.

Underneath you can find some of my favorite pieces from this year. There are more brands that have maternity clothes such as H&M, C&A or even GAP but… many of them are hard to find in stores in Germany! Most of the maternity fashion, at least where I live is only available online. And if there is a store that has a maternity section, you can bet your ass that they’ll have like 30% of what you see on their websites! Good job guys! Nothing better than a pergnant pissed off lady waiting in line at the post office having to send back stuff that don’t fit her! Especially considering that at least the first few months -that you try out brands- you do NOT know your size (and don’t even get me started in the difference of sizes between each brand!).

All that being said, you might be part of the lucky few that can keep wearing their normal clothes during their pregnancy, or can just get away with the headband in the button-hole of their jeans. If you are, please don’t let me know, you’ll just depress me, instead, consider yourself lucky and move on…

Please be aware that I do not own all the pieces posted underneath, I do have a couple of things plus some other similar ones (had no clue noppies had dungarees when I bought mine from C&A) though. What I personally think is that you need different stuff the first months and different stuff when you are approaching your due date. I was able to wear tight -maternity- jeans, boots and my normal bras during the first 7-8 months. The moment I entered the 8th month everything was bothering me. I’m due very soon and I can tell you I’m spending my days in leggings, sneakers and t-shirts. Thankfully, I don’t have to leave our flat (unless I need to walk the dog) so I’m not too embarassed by my appearance (not that I would be in any other case, I’m pregnant ffs!).
So, to my experience, the essentials change during the pregnancy so I’ll give you a tiny list divided by trimester. That doesn’t mean this is how it should be nor that this will work for everyone, this is just what worked for me.

Note: For better overview, you can see the useful items marked in “italic” on the lists underneath.

The 1st Trimester
What I bought:

    • A couple of jeggings from Primark (no maternity)
    • Went from M to L on t-shirts (no maternity)

Did I wear them past the 1st Trimester? The t-shirt yes (at home) the jeggings no.
Would I buy them again now that I know better? Not really. It’s not even about the money spent because come on, they were from Primark, it’s more the clutter in my closet. I ended up throwing them both away.
Best purchase: NONE

The 2nd Trimester
What I bought (all maternity):

  • 2 pairs of jeans from C&A with a small bellyband and 1 pair of dungarees
  • 1 comfy pair of chinos and 1 comfy pair of jeans from Esprit
  • 1 pairs of skinny trousers and 1 pair of skinny jeans from H&M
  • 1 pair of maternity pantyhose from H&M
  • A blue parka from Esprit
  • new sneakers +1 on size

Did I wear them past the 2nd Trimester? Yes, actually I’m still wearing everything apart from the skinny stuff from H&M and one pair of jeans from C&A that didn’t last. I wore the H&M pantyhose one morning while walking the dog and then never again. They were not fitting properly at all.
Would I buy them again now that I know better? I would but maybe I would buy half the amount. I wore the chinos very few times and the skinny jeans became too fast too tight, so maybe I should have bought these a little earlier.
Notice: I have not bought any shirts or pullovers and if I did, they were not maternity. I still fit in M and I still fit in most of my old tops.
Best purchase: the dungarees, sneakers and parka

The 3rd Trimester
What I bought:

  • 1 maternity dress (no idea where from)
  • 1 pair of maternity pantyhose (no idea where from)
  • 4 pairs of maternity leggings from C&A (2 grey and 2 blue)
  • 1 pair of black maternity leggings (no idea where from)
  • 1 pair of normal leggings from Primark (bigger size, no maternity)
  • maternity Underwear whatever that means
  • comfy Pyjamas no necessarily maternity

Will I wear them past the 3rd Trimester? The Primark leggings, no. I’m as big as I can get and wearing something so bigger than my size (let’s face it they still are not) still looks ridiculous! The maternity pantyhose were really useful and I loved wearing them underneath my trousers to keep me warm before Christmas that it was snowing but I destroyed them (would consider buying them again but unfortunatly I have no clue where I got them from and no, I won’t buy another brand). I do strongly believe that I will wear the maternity leggings as they should fit me even after the baby is here. I never wore the dress and I don’t intent to (I’m not the dress-pregnancy-body-type it seems).
Would I buy them again now that I know better? The dress and normal leggings no way!
Best purchase: the maternity leggings

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