Greece: A Little Taste of Greece – Mykonos in May

I’m pretty convinced my friend Kelsey will enjoy this post 😛

As very few of you might know, last month I was in Greece for a week. Back home in Mykonos I was getting some pictures to keep the German Wizard101 Team updated during my vacation, so they know I rest, have fun and get a bit jealous… Then, I decided to make a small post and share those pictures (trust me they’re nothing special) also with you… Because… Why not?

So here it goes…


One of the great great fresh juices that I had in Anixi. This is were I usually hang out. Food is great, coffee is great, everyone speaks english and it has a photoplay machine (did I ever mention I was addicted to those?)


This is the view from the parking just across the street from my house. It’s really lovely when the ships are just hanging there. The picture really doesn’t pay homage to the real tones of blue and green but it’s really amazing and quiet over there.


This is the frozen marguarita I got my last night out with my friend Lilly. I really really deserved it (I actually got two of them). The restaurant we were is called Appaloosa, it has great mexican food, unfortunately reservations are not possible and usually there is a huge waiting line in order to get a table but trust me, it’s totally worthy!

If any of you ever goes there though, dress lightly as it’s really warm!


Have you ever tried Souvlaki? I know it looks a bit weird in the picture but it’s really really yummy! Any meat-lover would love it. It basically consists of pita bread, grilled or fried (depending), you just add gyros meat (pork), fries, tomatoes and tzatziki. Now, be careful in ordering this, in different areas of Greece you might get something totally different. In Thessaloniki, for example, if you ask for Souvlaki, you will get meat on a stick (something like Shish Kebab but without the veggies), if you ask for Pita, which I think it’s how they call it up there, you will end up with the pita bread, gyros meat and salad.


This is the wonderful view from my hairdresser’s balcony. The best exile for smokers like me to enjoy our coffee.


And… This is the view to my mom’s wannabe garden. It basically becomes a garden in March-April when she has the time to take care of it, but then she drops it as the weather becomes to warm and she sacrifices a beautiful garden with a refreshing time in the sea of the background. Can’t really blame her for that to be honest.

So there you have it, of course there is more but it’s not for right now.

Hope you like this little vacation preview 🙂

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