Lately I’ve spent a lot of time on pinterest. A friend showed it to me kinda a year ago but back then I was not really in mood for it but, lately I start to really enjoy spending my free time there browsing for random stuff.

If you don’t have an account yet I would suggest you to get over there and make yourself one! Of course you can browse without having an account but, trust me you see so much stuff that you’d like to check again in few days or months and with the speed the internet goes these days, you just won’t be able to find them again, even in few hours.

What is really Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a HUGE  (Inspirational) pin-board. Everyone can post pictures, usually connected to the websites that they are coming from. You see something you like? Just check it out and you’ll see where you can find it or how you can make it yourself!. If you like crafting, cooking, fashion, drawing or if you are just a fan of creativity, you’ll love it!

You can create your own boards, name them as you like and start re-pinning things that other people have pinned already or even add your own pins!


How do I pin something from the web or how do I pin something in general?

This actually I started to do lately, till now I was pretty much checking out what other people have pinned already. There are two way to do that. When you login to your account, on the top right of your screen, left to your username and pin icon, you see a + icon. From there you can actually:

1. Upload a pin

2. Add (a pin) from a website

3. Create a Board

1. Upload a pin

Quite easy really, it works like any tool to upload a picture (let’s say on like on Facebook). You click on it, you find the picture you want to upload from your computer, by pressing Choose File and then you just have to choose in which of your Boards you want this to be and add a small description (mandatory) to it.

2. Add from a website

The same way as uploading a picture but there you basically (instead of a picture) add the url of the website. If the picture is not really self-explanatory, try adding the website url of where you can find the item or whatever it is you want to show, click on find images. Then, you will see images from that very page you chose, pick the one you want to show iff, add a description (mandatory) and you’re done!

Bookmarklet: There is also something called the “Bookmarklet” and can make your life much much easier when trying to pin something from a website. It’s basically an icon that you just add to your toolbar (simply by dragging it there) and when you see something you like, you just press it and basically skip the copy-pasting on the URL. You also skip the mandatory description as it puts the name of the item written on this page by default.

3. Create a Board

All you need there is the  name you want to give to the Board, a description, category are just optional choices and of course you can mark it as secret, so only you can visit it.

So there you have it… Start pinning!

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