Moving in 15 days? Who does that?

And how?

Here is the situation that is going on right now. After looking (not 100% actively but still looking) for a nice(r) flat to rent and after almost giving up 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I, just saw a wonderful flat last Sunday. We’ve been looking since forever for a 4 room flat, since we believed each one should get his own office, I wouldn’t mind, but to be honest I don’t want to be locked up in “my office” doing my own stuff and not enjoying my flat (the couch in my living room, balcony etc), so after pretty much a year of checking for 4 room flats that either were in a miserable condition for a HUGE amount of money or in an normal condition but for an ENORMOUS amount of money, we decided that going back to a 3 room flat (since let’s face it, we’re not married nor have kids on the way) would be a really wise choice.

We are in a 3 room flat right now (that we really really love) but we are actually facing two problems. 

1. Our flat does not have a balcony (and trust me when you are in Germany with one month of summer a balcony is really good to have, especially if you are in the city and your options are either get out of it, either let people step on you whenever you go)

2. the rooms are not separated from each other (what I mean is that in order to go from the bathroom/kitchen/living room to the bedroom you MUST pass the playroom. Why is this a problem? Because to get in the kitchen you need to pass the living room, so if you have people staying over: goodbye privacy!)

So… it looks like we got really lucky this time and the owners of the Sunday flat called us today (they also called yesterday but it was during nap time!) telling us that we can have the flat if we want, the only condition is that we have to “move in” (that means actually start paying the rent) from 1st of August (yeap in 6 days). This is not really unusual in Germany. They have this “great” system here where you actually have to notify your landlord that you are leaving the flat 3 months in advance (that’s fair) BUT they don’t give you 3 months from the moment you sign the contract to start paying rent. Nope, you gotta start right away or from the moment the flat is free. So, for maximum 3 months you will have to pay 2 rents, 1 from your old flat and 1 for the new one. Considering that you also have Caution to pay when you move in we are talking about 5 to 6 rents. If you are unlucky enough to search through agency, it’s another 2,38 rents (total of aprox 8 for the moment) AND you might need to buy a kitchen because apperently Germans love to move kitchens around! xD Did I add moving costs? Maybe a small truck to rent if you are doing the moving by yourself and not hiring someone? I guess I didn’t… Of course you can always get back the caution of your old flat, true, but that might come 3 months later!

As you understand this moving business at the end can be really expensive. Just keep the cash coming people!

Anyway, this post is not about ranting, actually I’m quite happy with the situation right now apart for a few “minor” obstacles the new flat is really nice, with plenty of space and all rooms are separated.

We just have a tiny schedule issue. We basically need to be in the new flat in 2 weeks max. Why’s that Emy, you will ask me. Well, let me tell you dear readers! We have an event going on at work from Friday 15th till Sunday 17th. After this event we will have a couple of friends from Croatia over (my best friend and his girlfriend) and I would love to be able to have everything done by then so we can actually enjoy our new flat with them for few days. So, there it is, deadline Friday 15th, if it’s not done till then, bad luck. After this, we will be having 2 weeks of MAJOR unpacking because then, I am gone for a week in Greece (mom, if you read this, I’m coming!).

Now, how do you fit:

  • Moving of 90+ m^2 of stuff+ furniture
  • Buying a kitchen and appliances for it
  • Renting a small truck
  • Getting moving boxes

In two weeks that you cannot take off of work? Well, we can but we don’t want to since we have important things going on at work as well.

First part of our (my) plan will be posted tomorrow!

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