Moving in 15 days? Who thought of that?

And why?

Well, that would have been me. Don’t ask me why. It’s my OCD hitting red. I get stuck with one idea in my head, a challenge maybe and I just MUST go through with it. It’s just to prove my strength I guess, in a very masochistic way.

So what I did first is to make a list, divided by room with every piece of furniture inside. Here how it looks for the bedroom:

  1. Bed
  2. Closet x3
  3. Drawers x2
  4. Nightstand x3
  5. White cute end table
  6. Hamper

So as soon as those lists were done, filled with all our furniture pieces, we sat down with my boyfriend and started “rating” each piece. How heavy is it? How important is it?

Basically the weight of the item is for me to estimate what I could possible load in the truck myself (I’m so clumsy that it’s actually very dangerous for me and the environment around me to lift heavy stuff), but also what needs to be lifted by guys so in case they cannot come to help again (maybe the next day or later) they can be done in this one time of loading/unloading, and of course “how important is it?” comes with the idea that if we do not manage to move all the furniture in one day, we will have to start with those items so at least we have the stuff we need in the new flat to spend the night.

So for the bedroom here is how it went:

  1. Bed – heavyImportant
  2. Closet x3 – Important (if not all 3 then 1 of them)
  3. Drawers x2 – Important
  4. Nightstand x3 – Important
  5. White cute end table (like I would ever convince him this is important)
  6. Hamper (floor is good temporarily for this job as well)

You might be wondering why is all this furniture (closets, drawers, nightstands) important…? Well, I think someone doesn’t plan on emptying ALL the drawers or nightstands (nope, that’s not me) but let’s not comment on that, it will only get me started.

So yes, our flat right now is divided in categories of furniture (could I possibly pass my shoes for Important?) but let’s say it this way, the first step is done. And no, the first step is not to get organised but to realise this is actually going to happen (somehow).

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