Moving in 15 days? We can do that!

…I think…

So Saturday afternoon we went over to the “new flat”to get the contract from the owners (contract is loooong and in German, which basically means I won’t even bother looking at it, plus what do I have a German boyfriend for?).

We have to read it (carefully I guess), sign it, send it etc etc. We also took the measurements of the kitchen since we need to build one in there. Unlucky us, when we moved in this flat, we had bought a Värde counter from Ikea, which seemed as a good investment at the time, since for some very weird reason we had fallen in love with this series and we were thinking “till the day comes that we can have our own kitchen let’s get this” but surprise surprise, Ikea few months ago killed most of the stuff from the series, pretty much everything that could implement a stove, sink etc (basically they have only the counters available for sale) so now it turned out we had a very nice problem to face. Smart boyfriend to the rescue, and thank God for Germans that don’t throw their stuff away but re-sell them, there are people selling the so wanted parts on eBay and it seems like this we can also save some money if we get them used.

We contacted one person that is couple of hours driving away and Sunday morning he sent us his phone number so we can get in touch with him and the rest you can of course imagine.

So… Next Saturday, we’ll be getting a sprinter in the morning and already starting to move some basic stuff and on Sunday we’ll be getting the kitchen. After this, awesome boyfriend, will have to start playing Tetris trying to put everything together and I’ll probably be busy unpacking the rest of our stuff (probably my clothes :D)

Of course so far this had been very easy and I was starting to get really suspicious over it. Everyone was telling me not to jinx it but well, today hell kinda broke lose. Firstly I realised that a stove, sink and dishwasher will not fit one next to each other with the kitchen that we want, because they have to be in this order and there is not enough space. Also, three other tiny incidents at work made me really wanting to get home at the end of the day but worst of all, the fishing rod I bought for my best friend’s brother is not possible to be shipped to Greece, so I have no clue on how to deliver it to her :S

I know, what a drama am I creating out of nowhere, right? Maybe because I have been waiting for something negative to happen, maybe even because it was not 1 thing but 5 at the end it kinda bothered more than usual. For the moment, I’ll just call it a usual Monday and try to just get over it.

That’s all for now, I need to go and relax my mind with something brainless!

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