Moving in 15 days? So far so good…

So what!

less 10 days before final impact.

We are getting ready for the first week wave move.

#Get a sprinter – check!

#Get boxes upstairs – check!

#Poke friends for help – check!

#Start packing some useless stuff – check!

#Schedule to pick up the new kitchen – check!

#Pay Caution – check!

#Pay the rent – ok gotta do that

#Have huge messed up crisis at work that keeps you busy till 23:00 – check!

#Take a step back and a big breath – working on it…

So far everything is thankfully going pretty smooth. I’ve managed to get my boyfriend totally on board with the 2 weeks moving just before I was about to give up. I think he also sees that the fastest this is over and our lives go back to normal, the better it is!

So far most of our first bunch of goes is filled. Closet winter stuff are packed, playroom is pretty empty and everything is ready for tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? Well, first thing in the morning we will go pick up the Sprinter. Around 11:30, we have some stuff to arrange with our landlord here, and around 12:30 two evil minion-friends will come over and help us load the stuff in the Sprinter and bring them to the new flat.

This afternoon we went for an apartment check and also got the keys to the new flat so you can say that things are getting pretty serious… 😉  – see what I did there?


I’m gonna make a rough plan of the flat ot give you guys an idea of how it looks…




The arrow shows you the entrance door.

The grey squares are the balconies.

The blue lines are for windows and red lines are for doors.

All doors open in the rooms (not the hallway) apart from the 2 tiny ones on the right to the entrance.

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