Moving in 15 days? And… Done!


So, I guess you’ve been wondering where I’ve been! Well, here I am! In the new flat! In my new corner, with my pc partially set up, my nails broken, my hair messy, extremely tired since I’ve kinda skipped two weekends of rest and I’m about to skip a 3rdone. But… We did it and we are finally here!

Things that need to get done? Not much but still a lot!
Kitchen shelves need to somehow find the right spots on the kitchen and apparently hang themselves, shoe cabinets the same and of course then there are things to put in those. Boxes have to go to the basement or return to their original owners, stove and oven have to be connected to electricity. Dish-washer needs to go to its new home and a new dish-washer needs to be adopted here (the actual one is too big for our kitchen). Pictures have to be hanged as well and tons of other small stuff!

But we’re getting there and that’s actually cool.

I remember, these days, how much I loved the flat we moved in 3 years ago. I was totally crazy about it. High ceilings, hardwood floors, big windows, old building… Of course back then I didn’t know that high ceilings meant hard to heat, hardwood floors meant hard to clean, big windows meant not much privacy and old building meant that during winter we would hear the sounds of a lovely non-domesticated rat that was crawling around the walls… Last Saturday when everything was packed, the flat looked empty, cold and ugly, all I could think of was “What were we thinking?” Of course after 3 years in a place, you get used to it and of course it will look uglier when all your nice stuff is removed but still…

To be honest our flat flat will always be something special for me. For really personal reasons but it will… I guess it’s just time for other people to go there, build their life, enjoy it and call it “home”…

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