New puppy coming home? Brace yourselves!

Since today one of my friends is getting a new puppy (once more a Shih-tzu!) and one of my other friends is going to pick it up (it’s supposed to be a surprise) I volunteered to make a post about what you need to have and know when a new puppy is joining your home. I was actually suppose to make this post last night but since my internet was not really working I’ll just make it today and hope that in the future, it will be useful to someone.

Keep in mind that this is meant for small in-house dogs, I have honestly no clue (even though I also have a big dog back home) if there are differences for dogs that are meant to be outside.

Here’s a list of what you need to buy when you are about to get a puppy.

  • Food (notice that it would be preferable that at least for the first days, you use the same food that the breeder was feeding them, such a big change of environment and a change of diet won’t be the best thing for your puppy) – Always get food that is meant for the age and size of your puppy. There is a reason why they are not all the same! In case you want to give your puppy what you are eating (you shouldn’t but who am I to judge?), make sure you keep your puppy in a very balanced diet!
  • Water and Food Bowls. Don’t just use your bowls till you get those, have them prepared before so the puppy don’t get use to get food from you but only from his/her bowls!)
  • Chew toys. The first things I got my puppy were: a squeaky toy, a small ball, a soft bone for his teeth and I gave him one of my plush toys (meant for babies) and he still sleeps with this till that day. Don’t underestimate the power of your puppies toys, the more things he has to chew and that belong to him, the less of yours he will destroy!
  • Grooming supplies. Since Shih-tzus are quite hairy, I recommend to buy a small brush directly, and also a comb and you should get started with brushing and getting the puppy used to it, even if there is no real need for it. Make it a nice experience for the puppy so that he(she doesn’t give you a hard time later!
  • A bed. Even if you want to have your puppy sleeping with you (that’s not that good but who could ever blame you for that?), the puppy should always have his/her bed. The huge bed (huge for the puppy) is not meant for him/her, he/she is just a guest (star) there!
  • A collar and Leash/d. Even if your puppy is too young to go out for walks, try to make him/her wear it for a bit during the day so he/she gets used to it and can walk properly around you, even if there is something hanging from its neck! If you are getting a fluffy dog (like a shih tzu) do not leave the collar 24/7 on the puppy as it creates knots that are impossible to get brushed off!
  • Shampoo. Please don’t use your own shampoo, there are tons of shampoos meant for dogs that even smell amazingly good! Also, in case again you are getting a fluffy dog, consider getting some cream, if you can’t find any for puppies (had this problem in Greece), just buy something very soft meant for babies.
  • Training pads. You got to potty-train this puppy at some point!



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