Mini Dog Training

FAQ for our lil LadySky and her Benji.

For how long should you train your dog per day?
5-10 minutes. Why you ask? Because less than that he won’t remember and more than that he will be bored.

How many people should train the dog?
Basically one. Dogs need one pack leader and you need to decide who will this be before Benji makes the decision for you.

What to do when Benji doesn’t seem interested in getting trained?
Make it funnier! (treats and toys included)

Few small instructions.

How to get Benji to respond to Benji? Well, I wouldn’t! Who calls their name Benji? The other dogs will beat him up at school!
So… Get Benji somewhere around you, no need to move him just go sit around him. When he is not looking say his name. Try to say it clearly so he can distinguish it from any other word that he might or will hear. If he turns his head (even because you made a weird noise) praise him (treat, rub his belly, anything he likes), then drop him. Wait for a bit to lose attention, when he turns his head away from you, wait for a minute or two and repeat, try to always use the same voice while calling him, so that he is able to recognise it more easily and to get it “Highlighted” when you are in the middle of a sentence letter.. Don’t do this directly in a row (get pauses between the name calling) and don’t do it more than 5-6 times a day.

What is also fun to do (I was doing that with Spooky) is to start running around (like a small race) saying the dog’s name (like this he will be more interested in following you) when he reaches you, you know what to do!

Come here you!:
In order for Benji to come, he should be able to recognise his name, so you might want to start this after you have at least seen a couple of results with the “name calling”.
Brb I need something to drink!
Ok I’m here now!
So… Where was I? Oh yes! Go in a room with Alru and Benji. Have Alru hold Benji and both of you sit on the floor as far from each other as you can (within the same room) but always being able to see each other (even better facing each other). So, as you are sitting call Benji’s name. Once you have his attention, open your arms, tell him “come” and even make his signs. Keep saying come till he reaches you (might take a while). When he reaches you, you know what to do (treat, belly rubbing etc etc).

Don’t do each round with a different person. If he learns it with one of you he will probably figure it out with the other one too. When you are confident that he knows his name and what to do when you say “come”, try it with the other one of you. If it doesn’t work do the same training as before, but now with the other person. Normally he will catch it up in no time.

ALWAYS but always when you deal with a puppy, keep in mind that you have to be patient and you will have to see it as a game, keep in mind also that the puppy should she it as a game too.



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  1. Just to let you know that we are doing this every day!(or at least we try…)
    and last week he started to react! Meaning most of the times he turns and gives me the wtf look, and few times he even walked towards me when I called him! (ok, not when he’s very excited with something else, like Fluffy, we are not there yet!)

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