Sick – sick – sick!

Since my friend Ivan was complaining that I didn’t post something for a while and that I should, I decided to make a post and complain about him. I’m kidding but on the other hand, dear Ivan, I am pretty sure you read my blog while you are in the bathroom or something and all I have to tell you is that you should do what the rest of us do. Check 9gag, while you are doing number 2, not my blog!


That being said, I now have to explain where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. So… it all started a rainy afternoon (or maybe it was not raining, I am not sure), few weeks ago. The decision was made, I would take few days off, during the last week of October, to rest a bit since I’m working full-speed since the beginning on August. I really needed those days, believe me.

So, everything is set, my vacation was approved, my last week at work is totally crazy since I had to take care of few stuff before vanishing for a week, but finally it’s Friday evening, I’ve finished few stuff from home, no big deal and it’s time to turn everything (work related) off and relax. The irony here is that the last week of work, pretty much 50% of the CMs in the office had a cold but I was good. Totally healthy and making fun of them. Of course karma had to strike back, so after a weekend of shopping, cleaning up and running around like crazy (in order for everything to be prepared so I don’t have to move my tooshie from the couch during my week off) Monday comes and it doesn’t look good. My throat was hurting a bit, my head was feeling a bit weird, I was a bit too cold. As you can guess, it was my first day of vacation and something disgusting was about to come! I tried to pull myself together, I tried this and that:






But there I was getting a tiny but worse day after day.

On Thursday evening it reached its zenith. I had a terrible headache, I couldn’t hear anything because my ears became useless, I could not concentrate on anything, I was way too cold and all I wanted to do, is crawl in a corner and sleep for a week. The next day I woke up feeling even worse (I did not actually feel worse because it was not possible, I was feeling pretty much the same), I was really really tired, I still had this headache, my whole head was weighing like 10 kilos and what I suspected the night before, that actually this was not a usual cold, started to make more sense in my head. So, I thought “Hey, maybe it’s time to go to the doctor?” But nope. Friday was bank holiday here, so either I’d go to the hospital either I’d drop the doctor idea till Monday.

Then my paranoia started. If I’d go on Monday to the doctor, I’m wasting 3 days of getting to feel better (maybe even getting worse) which means I won’t be able to go to work for probably another 3 days, so I’ll go back on Thursday and I’ll have to catch up with last week and a bit more of the half of this week, and there I started getting stressed. On Saturday, I was gladly surprised to see that I was not getting worse, although I was not getting better either. After consulting with my awesome boss, Sirs, she told me to freaking go to the doctor if I’m not better and get over with this xD …  Then the next dilemma came… What if I just drop the doctor, go back to work, but get everyone that is left there sick? At this point, it was too much to think of, so I decided to wait till Monday and see how it goes. It didn’t go much better so on Monday I finally visited the doctor (have I ever told you that I genuinely hate doctors? Have I ever told you that I also hate doctors’ waiting rooms filled with sick people – such as myself?). Anyway, the doctor was not amused with my throat and whatever it is that I have, so it turned out that I will not take the usual 3 days off but the entire week (since it’s now Friday of that week today and the week is gone I can really see why) and I’d have to go back on Monday if I was not better (on the plus side, for once in Germany I managed to get antibiotics -I’m not fan of them but I was sure I’d need them and I was not sure they’d just give them to me that easily as in Greece). She very nicely kept reminding me during my whole visit there the word “infection”, because apparently the “just a cold” was not enough for me, I had to go a step further with it…

So here I am, Friday noon, feeling better but not ok (no, I won’t go back to the doctor on Monday, I’m sick of being sick, I wanna work), making a new post for Ivan so he has something to read and nothing to complain about. Dear Ivan, I hope you really feel bad for this!

You know what is the worst part of being sick?

Firstly is that you always have in your mind the “OMG, what am I gonna find destroyed when I get back?”. I’m living in this constant fear every time I needed to take off for vacation or sickness for the last 2 years, but to be honest, I’m not sure if I just got over it or I just realised that I have good replacements, but so far (because I was peeking a bit) my replacements are doing an awesome job.So, Piink, Chemita, Gfinder and Atmorph a bit 😛 , thank you guys (especially Chemita – who is not reading this- coz I know how much you have to do on TERA) for all your help!

Secondly, the email-nightmare. I logged in to my mails the first Tuesday that I was at home, just to send something to Piink and I already had 147 of them! For just being away for 4 days, I really don’t want to know how many will be there when I am back, and to be honest I won’t touch them before Monday because I have the impression that I’ll spend my entire weekend on them.

I’m pretty sure that U have more phobias and worries about this, but it’s not the right place to analyse them…
That’s all for now, enjoy!

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