First day back to work after 16 days at home!

Today, apart from it being Monday, was JUST weird. I really had the feeling that everything will go wrong during the day, and I must admit that at certain points we were just one step away from chaos but the moment I was thinking “oh, oh, oh here it comes, Hell will break lose in 3… 2… 1…” Well, I was actually just pleasantly surprised in the end. Any possible thing that can go wrong, and considering that this was Monday, so EVERY possible thing that could go wrong… Well, it just didn’t!

I know, I know, right now you are all thinking “oh gosh, Emy you are just jinxing it…” but I’ll be honest, I don’t mind. I was really really scared on what I’ll find coming back from 2 weeks away but I didn’t find anything I could complain about. Ok, truth is I needed a bit of more free time today, you see, my brain is still not fully work-functioning so at some points I had to stop and re-think what was I doing, but apart from that, all fine!

So, all those things you do at home while you are sick… that you might feel miserable but they somehow comfort you…? I made a small list of them!

  • Couch, couch, couch! Don’t you just love spending the entire day on the couch under a blanket, maybe while sitting next to the radiator?
  • Soup belly! I’m a huge fan of soups. Actually I think I’m just a fan of not chewing my food, so soups make sense and being sick is a good excuse for those!
  • Watching TV non stop. Now, I’m not a huge fan of TV but I got to watch ALL my favorite movies on DVD!
  • Tea, tea, and tea. No more coffee and being hyper, let’s enjoy some tea!
  • Naps! The sky’s the limit I can nap everywhere!
  • Sleeping in. No need to wake up with this brutal alarm sound (not that I do during the week though), I can sleep as much as I want.
  • Pyjamas! The best outfit? Pyjamas and fluffy bathrobe! I wish I could go to work like that!
  • Organising! You remember this and that drawer or folder (or desktop)  that I always meant to organise and clean but had no time for it? Well now I do!
  • Spending an entire day on youtube or pinterest. Yeap, I did that too, next to the radiator, hugging my blanket.
  • Reading something totally useless and be totally fascinated by it. Been there, done that. For me it was the marriages and popular names of the 17th Century (no idea why).
  • Being ALL excited, by anything that surrounds you the first day that you get finally out. It was amazing!

That’s all for now, I have to go and write a poem for my friend LadySky’s awesome yummy cake! Talk to you soon!

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  1. Where’s my poeeem???????? xDDD

    Just kidding, also glad you’re back (it’s much more fun with you!).
    And to show you all my love and appreciation, on Thursday you will have your cake! (if Alru goes tomorrow to the shop as intended)

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