Bye Kitty!

So today I got the bad news (and oh God my mom has an awesome way of giving those to you) our family cat died. Of course when everything goes well, something has to go wrong and I must admit, I was kinda prepared.

Anyway, this post will be about her and all the crazy stuff she has done over the years.

To start you should know how this cat ended up with us. Her mom, was an amazing cat, very sweet, cute and kinda polite. She was pretty big and really really pretty. We had her in our garden for years, she never bothered us or the dogs and she really appreciated the food we were putting out for her. We were calling her Cat, because let’s face it, we are not creative!

So one day, this amazing cat, brought us a bunch of kittens. I think there were 5 of them if not more. All kinda whitish with one or even two grey ears. Now, who doesn’t love kitties? Even me the Not-A-Cat’s-Person could not resist them. Unfortunately we couldn’t bring them inside (having two dogs back then) and we couldn’t find anywhere for them to stay so we tried to build them a nice “nest” in this outdoor stone-oven that we had for them to stay warm. I don’t know if it was because they never got any shots (basically they were strays) or because it was a very cold winter but only one kitty made it, and of course the mom. The kitty was funny, she was always spying from out the window, very curious of whatever we were doing, or simply just watching us while close to fall asleep.

Within the next year, the mom Cat vanished. Unfortunately that happens very easily with strays in Greece and at some point, we try not to get to attached. But yes, Cat never made it back to us. Her daughter though, which was answering to different names depending on the member of the Family who was calling her (She was: Cloclo for my mom, Froufrou for my dad, Baby-girl for me, Bunny for our friend Danielle, and I guess Woof for Spooky) was still there, enjoying herself. After a while, Cloclo was gone too. But… Only to return few days later with 2 brand new kittens! A black with a lil white which was attached to her not letting her go anywhere without him, and a girl, mostly white which could rip your face apart in milliseconds if you decided to approach her. The kittens were happily growing and we really wanted them around as we felt that we kinda owed it to Cat, to take care of her daughter and grand-kids.
Time came though that we had to move because our house was finally done. So we packed our stuff, we packed the dogs, we packed the cats (trust me the white one was a nightmare to put in a box) and off we went.

Till then and within few months I never had any real contact with Cloclo, maybe I’d feed her once in a while if my mom asked me to or pet her if our paths ever crossed in the garden. But then, within the first weeks of our moving, another kind of nightmare started. First, the white kitty vanishes. To be fair, we were expecting this, she was really unfriendly, really “wild”, we had no idea how to handle her and her mom couldn’t either. Then out of nowhere, the black one (that my mom was calling “kourtinaki” – something like “little curtain” in greek coz of his face’s pattern) is gone too. One moment he is there, one moment he is gone and my mom is spending the entire afternoon till kinda a week later looking for him (yeap, he was her favorite). To be honest, our cat didn’t seem to mind, I guess she knew better xD.Why only for a week you ask? Very good question! Because after a week Cloclo went missing! I mean seriously? What was it about this place that made cats vanish? My mom was looking for her for days! She would leave food out waiting for her, she would walk the fields around our house screaming her name. No answer.
Then suddenly and out of nowhere, we are all in the kitchen for some very weird reason and my mom’s eye catches something running outside the door, we check… Cloclo was back! In a bad condition, eating her food, with her leg looking very very very broken and wounded. It was a Sunday afternoon and in case you don’t know, in Mykonos there are not more than one vets and unfortunately he is closed during weekends, or maybe just Sundays. Not sure why I mention this as even if he was there it wouldn’t have changed much. We wrapped her leg as we could, we took her downstairs in my flat, we put her food, made her a bed and hoped she would make it through the night to take her to the vet tomorrow morning.

Yeah, she did and yes we brought her. Turns out, the young lady was probably hit by a car or scooter and that is why she returned in this condition, but also, the young lady was being “naughty” because she was also pregnant!
Her leg though, was in a pretty bad condition and had gangrene (? – if this is a word) so the vet had to cut it off. And since she would need time to adjust to her new walking style, she had to get an abortion because she would not be able to support the weight of a fully pregnant cat. We were a bit sad about the babies but we were really glad that we had our cat back and that she was going to make it. So from one day to the other I got myself a new room-mate and boy I felt like I was married to her!

  • She was trying, even with one leg less to “fish” my gold-fishes out of their bowl!
  • She was turning off the stereo if she did not want to listen to the noise that I called music!
  • She was going behind the TV trying to understand where are these tiny people that she sees there.
  • She was opening the trashcan and watching it close just for the fun of it (I never got that).
  • She loved sleeping in my closet (and also pee on my tshirts).
  • She had her side in my bed -.-
  • And if I would ever scold her she was not coming to bed unless I would go apologise and pick her up.

Don’t you just love cats? On the positive side, each time she was going out she was bringing me something (dead), so that was nice of her I guess, especially compared to the little creatures that she was bringing in alive! No complaints!

So after a year of sharing my flat, I had to move to go study and she was really getting bored alone down there so we were letting her out during the day and bringing her back in to sleep. We even gave her the guestroom (oh yes, she had her own room) so she has her peace and it seemed it was working out for her, at least for a while. Then, she just wanted to be out, she didn’t want to spend the nights inside, she was after all the “garden-cat” (we don’t have gnomes in Greece).

To be fair, although she hated dogs, and/or other cats, she was always doing ok with Spooky (my dog). They could co-exist without one wanting to kill the other, and I am pretty sure that they were both conspiring against my mom’s dog, Elvis from time to time.

To our story. Last May when I was in Greece for vacation, I noticed that her belly was really huge and was really hanging. I pointed out to my mom, asking her if she thinks she has something but we were like “Nah, she always had a big belly”, and indeed she had, so we left it there. Yesterday, my mom noticed that her ear was looking a bit funny, so she decided that it’s finally time to visit the vet. The vet told her that her ear has cancer and she has some very weird stuff going on with her stomach. Apparently what we called “fat” was basically her intestines hanging out of her muscle tissue and it didn’t look good. The vet suggested surgery but when my mom told me this and asked me of my opinion, I was not convinced. The cat was fine, she looked really fine. My mom was more concerned of the cat being old and how would she be with the surgery. Maybe it would make her worse, maybe what she needs won’t be fixed with surgery. The vet actually said himself, that he didn’t know what he could find nor what he will exactly need to do in there, so he could not even give us chances of her making it through.

Cloclo was already in surgery to get her tiny, cute and extremely soft (at least it used to be) ear cut off, since they needed to remove it before it spreads. My mom called in the afternoon, she was awake, calm and seemed fine. When she told me this, although I didn’t tell her at that point, my first thought was (if SHE is calm, she is not fine!). I mean seriously, you don’t know her, but this is not a cat, this is the Antichrist of cats!

Anyway, this morning when she called back, the lady that is there told her that she thinks she sees blood on her belly and is waiting for the doctor to check her. He called a bit later to tell my mom that one of those hernias has popped and ask if he should operate her. My mom told him to help her anyway he can but if she is suffering to please put her to sleep and not let her go through this if she ain’t going to make it. Wondering if she took the right decision or not, the phone rang again. It was the vet telling her that he didn’t even have the time to operate her.

So that was it, our Cloclo was gone. This is her from back when we were sharing my flat…

Τσιτσινα 3 Τσιτσινα νανι Τσιτσινελ

Thankfully, we got to bury her in our garden, close to my cousin’s dog and our dog.

So this is good bye… I’ll miss you Baby-girl, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to say good bye to you properly, I really didn’t think it was time…

Take care of yourself up there and make a nice kitty-gang with Phantom and Piechen… I love you and think of you and our great winter together… Be good…

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