The Day of the Doctor

So I’m guessing someone amongst you might be a Doctor Who fan, just as I am. It’s quite impressive actually that it seems that Doctor Who is not known or popular in Greece, which is kinda weird considering that Greek TV has so much stupid stuff, at least something like Doctor Who could bring some geek quality over there.
Just to make this clear, I’m not going to say much about the episode(s) but this post might contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie/episode yet, please don’t read or you risk to get spoiled.

First, I’d like to share with you few things that I’ve read around lately concerning Doctor Who and I found interesting.

One being the reasons why Doctor Who was cancelled back in 1989. Imagine, 1989! So, I read somewhere, unfortunately I cannot seem capable of finding the link (it was on my cellphone so good luck looking for the history there), that back then the Doctor was not that popular, although it is right now considered a kind of classic British series, the sets were even falling apart during shootings and the show’s goal was basically to teach history to kids (via the time-travelling ~ see what they did there?). So since the numbers were back then going down they decided to cancel the show. It makes sense I guess but it raised questions as, would it have been so popular now if it was not made back then? Would it be so popular now if it didn’t stop back then and restart on 2005? My answer is nope. I think it has a tone of something nostalgic from been cancelled back then and also it was brought back with a very good timing considering that in 2005 we had the technology needed for few “daily” Doctor Who effects and of course the audience was already prepared with non-soap-opera shows (finally!).
If you agree or if you even have a different opinion, I’d love to here it.

Few other things that I also kept in mind for this post were few random facts such as:

  • Torchwood being an anagram of Doctor Who.
  • TARDIS been added to the Oxford dictionary.
  • Or this awesome story I read about the scarf of the 4th Doctor been made so long by accident due to a misunderstanding.
  • Or the fact that in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter” (Season 4 – episode 6), Jenny, the daughter of the Doctor, played by Georgia Moffet, is the wife of David Tennant or 10th Doctor in real life, but also, she is in reality too the (5th) Doctor’s Daughter, Peter Davison.
  • Have you noticed that in the episode “Army of ghosts” (the one before Rose “dies”), that the girl called Adeola is actually Freema Agyeman, one of the next companions?
  • Or that Karen Gillan was also the Soothsayer in “The Fires of Pompeii” (Season 4 – episode 2) before becoming the companion of Matt Smith (11th Doctor)?
  • The Christmas episode of 2013 with Matt Smith will actually be the 800th episode (I’ll be honest I didn’t count them).

Back to the Day of the Doctor…

I will actually take the chance to answer my own pre-watching this questions. SPOILERS!

  • Was Rose in it? Yes, but not as I expected.
  • Was the 10th Doctor in it? Yes, but not as the human that I was expecting to see with Rose either (I thought he finally managed to make his own TARDIS!)
  • Was it about the Great Time War as everyone else was suspecting? Yes, it was!
  • Was it a love story? Nah, thankfully not.
  • What is a huge combat, war, effects, fight scene? Surprisingly not!
  • Do you see previous Doctors? Yeah you do!
  • Do you see Eccleston? Nope =( Well, he is “in” it but not as I wanted.
  • Do you see Daleks? Yes!
  • Do you finally see Gallifrey? Yeap.
  • Does the Doctor wear a fez? At some point, yes =)
  • Who is the companion (wasn’t clear to me what happened with Clara)? Still Clara!

Few of the things I really really liked was the funny scenes between the Doctors, especially the sonic-screwdriver competition between Tennant and Smith, and of course also when Smith uses the words “timey wimey” and Tennant turns to Hurt (War Doctor) and tells him “I have no idea where he picked that up”. Really? xD
Hmm… Oh! It takes 3 Doctors to open a door, or a Clara!

The helicopter ride over London = amazing!
The hard decision to be made at the end = amazing!
The solution to the issue brought to you by Clara (and Rose) = amazing!
And the unexpected scene with all the Tardis(es) and all the Doctors saving Gallifrey = pure awesome!
Tennant keeps his last line “I don’t want to go” (!!!) and of course Smith has to make fun of it!

Nothing not to love really!

And.. As to honour the day of the Doctor, and since this post should have been made Saturday night, these words will be blue… Tardis blue!


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