Bye bye 2013!

Finally this year is gone! And I say finally because the end was starting to get a big too much for me to handle.

I tried to gather all the highlights of the year (from FB) and trying to sort everything month by month (timeline helped a lot). You know, I’m reaching this age that if you do not write stuff down you tend to forget them so let’s see (before it’s too late) how did this year go. I have to be honest, after February I don’t remember anything.


15/01/2013: so,  it appears that I’ve banned (probably for testing) my beloved GA /(Gareeth) on and she was complaining about it.

17/01/2013: Internet was down at work and we were playing twister (still don’t know who brought this in the office)

28/01/2013: Community Manager Appreciation Day, so I guess I felt appreciated?


02/02/2013: I discovered this song  and it seems it stuck in my head for few weeks.

13/02/2013: I ate a burger. How do I know? I wrote a very excitingly happy status about it.

17/02/2013: Had an argument with myself about Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo and how their writing styles have nothing to do with each other!

27/02/2013: piink is asking what did I break that day, so I guess this might have been around the time I made the microwave explode. Not sure.

28/02/2013: I opened all the unanswered from the Game Masters tickets (I think in and left random (but serious) notes.


01/03/2013: I updated my status saying I was feeling popeless so I guess we had the pope elections…

08/03/2013: My dad’s bday!

11/03/2013: I registered for Zumba!

11/03/2013 (same day): Gareeth ( GA) loled at me. Trust me it’s rare, the time before that it was 2009.

13/03/2013: I became popeful, so I guess the new pope got elected that day.


I think around this time, I got…

02/04/2013: Had trouble unwrapping a lollipop, that’s very common though.

06/04/2013: It looks like piink got access to my FB account because I have few status updates claiming I’m stupid and no way I would publicly admit that!

11/04/2013: I got chocolate milk!

17/04/2013: Aion had livestream during maintenance so I was asking from people to go in the chat and scream “Emy I LOVE YOU” so I can take screenshots of them and re-check them when I feel down to make myself feel better. Thank you guys btw, it does make me better!

19/04/2013: Sirsschwester, my boss was out of the office so we were all hanging out on the couch and sending random pictures to her 😀

22/04/2013: I was in Avalon getting very mad at Mika Sharka who just didn’t want to let me win!

27/04/2013: FLUFFY! In case you don’t know Fluffy you don’t know what you are missing! Here’s a pic of him:


Fluffy, Gfinder’s pup!


04/05/2013: A lizard invaded my best friend’s (Mika) apartment causing huge panic to his girlfriend and huge laughs to us xD – The lizard was named Darwin.

11/05/2013: Vacation in Greece!

19/05/2013: Bachelorette Party Fun, now Paci is an honest married woman!

23/05/2013: Was hearing all day long some violin music, when at some point my head started hurting I started looking around to find out where the music was coming from. I realised then that it was our Italian CM Flavio who’ve decided to kill ours ears -.-

24/05/2013: Very angry about Summer not showing up yet!

25/05/2013: Paci’s wedding! Super fun! Managed to send the boys (including the groom) to watch a football game and us girls were gossiping ^^ Managed to also make a baby cry! Oh! And I bounced on a trampoline for the 2nd time this year!

28/052013: I was sneezing like crazy! (probably was getting sick)


04/06/2013: Gfinder let Fluffy try a lollipop, he went nuts over it, I still get blamed about this!

07/06/2013: First frapé of the year! In case you don’t know what frapé is, it’s basically nescafé coffee served called. Very common in Greece.

11/06/2013: PS4 was announced (I think).

15/06/2013: My BiRtHDaY!

18/06/2013: Funny conversation with Ivan (previously presented as Mika or my best friend – I should really decide what to call you dude)

[15:20:02] < Ivan> It was during certain period when I was emotinally challenged
[15:20:27] < Emy> now you are just mentally chalenged xD

28/06/2013: Gfinder got croissants. He bought 4 so we can share. He ate one on his way to work so they were 3 left. 2 for him, 1 for me. Because we’re all equal xD

28/06/2013: Darwin the lizard returned from his vacation again causing panic and laughs.


06/07/2013: Was getting harassed by mosquitoes!

15/07/2013: Realised I’m getting older by being bored!

17/07/2013: Entire day I was trying to sneeze, managed it in the evening, it was driving me crazy!

18/07/2013: I got in a box and spend some time there (till they kicked me out of it coz they needed it 🙁 )

24/07/2013: Spent I don’t know how much time with Chemita, trying to figure out where an NPC that he needed for a quest was gone, only to find out from Atmorph that the quest was removed (6 months ago xD)

30/07/2013: Got very very angry at someone!


02/08/2013: Finally got the keys of our new flat!

06/08/2013: Making fun of Vian’s outfit with Colafan!

08/08/2013: Ok, this is a joke I have to share.

So, in the hospital two new-borns are discussing wtih each other.
-Are you a boy or a girl?

-Prove it!
-As soon as the nurse is gone, I will!
So, the nurse leaves at some point so the lil boy kicks the blanket off of him and says:
-See? BLUE socks!

13/08/2013: Preparing for my friend Ivan and his girlfriend to visit us soon, in the new flat, full of boxes xD

15/08/2013: Many ups and downs with the internet those days, I was SO annoyed!

16-18/08/2013: Team Event weekend.

19/08/2013: Sunny day in Strasbourg!

20/08/2013: Awesome day at Europa-park!

27/08/2013: It was established by my boyfriend that I am geek because I’m wearing glasses.

30/08/2013: Supporters moved to their own office at work and we were laying on the empty desks that they left behind…

30/08/2013: Gfinder decided that if he ever has a kid with a german woman he will name him Fritz. No idea!

31/08/2013: Pink discovered my blog!

31/0/2013: Lady Sky welcomed Benji to the family!


05/09/2013: Mom’s bday!

07/09/2013: Boyfriend painted something in the new flat while I was out shopping and ordered me not to touch it when I entered the flat. Of course I touched it, I had to check! xD

08/09/2013: Emptied and re-organised out closets. At the end I was not able to fit everything back in :S

27/09/2013: Alone in the CM Office after everyone left. I got really scared and creeped out!

30/09/2013: Tried to cook, ended up drinking the wine :S


05/10/2013: Had coffee with Gareeth on Skype, she had tea I believe!

07/10/2013: SKILL Company Tournament and Release Party – SO MUCH FUN!

15/10/2013: Covered Chemita’s keyboard, screens, mouse and everything around his desk with spider webs while he was on vacation. Really looked like he was missing for a long time!

19/10/2013: Went to Europa park for Halloween/piink’s birthday. The birthday was just an excuse…

24/10/2013: Happy Bday better-half!

28/10/2013: First day of vacation and I’m sick!


04/11/2013: Went to the doctor after 1 week with a BAD cold! Apparently it was more serious than I thought so I had to stay another week in bed 🙁

08/11/2013: Was unsure if I took my medication or not. Spent one hour thinking about it…

15/11/2013: Got spider-pig from Simpson stuck on my head (lasted a month).

20/11/2013: Stole Falanthir’s ( CM) shoe, so he couldn’t get out xD

28/11/2013: Discovered frying pans can follow religions.


02/12/2013: Flederlaus made me muffins! – he was not being nice, he just lost a bet few months ago.

06/12/2013: Company Party, was not that bad, can’t remember much of it. Music was bad!

07/12/2013: My mom came to visit!

12/12/2013: Received a package from my friend Lilly. The Elder wand was there!

13/12/2013: Group dinner, got very drunk, don’t remember anything. Apparently I was friendly and funny. I’m always those things I don’t know why people were surprised…

13/12/2013: Got Fluffy a shirt!

14/12/2013: My mom went back home 🙁

20/12/2013: SKILL reached 20.000 Likes. YAY!

24/12/2013: Stole again Falanthir’s shoe, this time I took a picture of him shoeless!

24/12/2013: Kicked Azathor out of the office so that I am alone, I got scared by myself so I left as well.

25/12/2013: Christmas!

31/12/2013: Happy New Year, We’ve done it for another one!

I think that’s the longest post I’ve ever made!

*hugs to all*


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