The Day of the Spooky!

Hello all!

Before I start babbling, I’m proudly announcing that I finally started working on my instagram account! You can find me here:

  Then, as few of you might know I brought a special guest from back home, my dog, Spooky! And this is me now describing you our adventures from yesterday as we had to take 2 planes, 1 train, 1 tram to catch not forgetting some serious walking around in different airports!

  It was a sunny day in Mykonos and our flight was leaving at 14:35. By 13:oo we were at the airport trying to get Spooky to go for a potty break in order to avoid any possible accident on the plane. He of course didn’t since he seems to still be uncomfortable to “go” in public places. Yeap, that’s my dog, the gentleman.

  The flight from Athens to Mykonos lasted 30 minutes and everything went fine. Of course apart from me panicking during take off, landing and flight (can’t help it),  Spooky was veeery hot just so I can get a little more stressed (like that was even possible). We reached Athens around 15:00 as planned and went on for a little shopping, a nice coffee, fast lunch and for the discovery of any available power plug since my boyfriend’s cellphone was acting up. Spooky managed to sweep pretty much the entire Athens Airport and we very happily headed to yet another hand-luggage control and to the plain for Frankfurt.

  During the flight he decided to whine a couple of times so that we can feel sorry (yeah we did) and let him out (which we did). We were extremely worried he will just decide to have a potty break in the plane (no, he didn’t) but turns out Mister only wanted to stretch…

  Arriving at Frankfurt Airport I knew the most stressful part was over and now started another part which I call “the muscle”. Basically it’s us carrying all our loot back home. Usually we take the car from and to the airport but this time I thought it’d be better to have the dog in the train, as he gets bored in the car and the train and the people would be far more interesting for him. So we had a laptop bag, a huge handbag with my normal handbag inside plus things I might need for Spooky along the way and gifts that I bought from the airport for my friends, a duty free bag with cigarettes, gum and magazines and of course two humongous suitcases… oh and the dog! The “run” from  the luggage claim to the train was the worst. Not only Lufthansa removed our “priority” tags (you, know these little stickers on your suitcases that are meant for you to get your suitcases before most of the passengers), which was very kind of them considering we had a train to catch (but why should they care, really?) but we had to drop our luggage cart since it doesn’t work with escalators and (funny thing) although we did take the lift down (as was shown in the signs that the trains are) we were to far away to return and take it to go up, since in Frankfurt Airport first you have to go 1 floor down (with the luggage cart if you use the lift) and then two floors up (without it since you cannot pull it up the escalator nor drag it up the stairs), to basically arrive 100 meters further from the same point you began at before you started following the signs -.- Amazing experience – I’m telling you!

Once at the platform everything was relaxed, we even managed to play a round of hide and seek and Spooky seemed very interested to what was next to come which would hopefully not be another plane-ride.


In the train Spooky was behaving really nice, he was so tired that he started falling asleep


and at some point you could only see fur and a tiny black nose popping out of his carrier but I wasn’t allowed to make a picture of that in order to not wake him up with the flash 🙁

  Once in Karlsruhe I was really afraid that I won’t be able to get him in the tram. He couldn’t of course climb up as he needs time to plan and sniff and come up with a proper strategy of climbing this one step so I basically had to pull him up (don’t worry he was wearing his harness, not his collar).

  At home ~ we arrived around 23:30, he had to sniff and see everything. And by everything I mean EVERY SINGLE LIL THING! He got ALL excited with whatever was coming out of our suitcases while I was unpacking, for some reason he found our shower very interesting and he had to check it out more than few times. Also both couches he was very pleased with and he greeted our huge Snoopie plush like he was an old old friend that he hadn’t seen since forever but he really big love is the balcony.

  Whenever any of us goes to the balcony (and we go quite often as this is our only smoking place at home) Spooky has to be there. Observing, sniffing, laying on the table, watching…

This is him from this morning:


So… At the end of the night we took him for a long walk, which was not supposed to be long but he was dragging us around to sniff every little new thing he was able to lay his eyes on. He managed to do some serious sneezing 5 times in a row after he sniffed some plants, I felt bad for the poor thing but it was hilarious to watch. And after a bit of TV watching we went to bed with Spooky claiming the (not) free space between us.

  All in all, everything went well, or at least not as bad as it could go… Our only concern till this afternoon was that Spooky (being a gentleman) didn’t want to pee outside and hadn’t yet pee inside, but thankfully that changed as yeah… He went on our carpet xD

  So, I’m glad we rarely do this trip more than once per year but at least 2 weeks of peace were really worthy this time.

  Next step for Spooky: Bowties. Coz bowties are cool!

See ya all soon!


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