Happy New Year – Happy New Post!

So… As you might have noticed the holidays are over, and since I passed days almost alone in the office, watching youtube videos, working and being annoyed in general I had a lot of time to get things done! Amongst other things and since everyone lately is influenced by “Frozen” was my smoking song!

My friends of course know I like to write stupid poems and stuff, so now, you guys get the chance to admire my talent in all its glory!


Here are the lyrics to (and yes you can sing it):


Do you guys wanna smoke one?


Do you guys wanna smoke one?

Come on let’s go to smoke!

I never see you anymore, come back I’m bored, it’s like you’ve gone away!

We used to be best smokers and now we’re not

I wish you could tell me why

Do you guys wanna smoke one?

It doesn’t have to be a short one

– Go away Emy!

– Ok bye 🙁


Do you guys wanna smoke one?

Or just go shopping to the malls?

I think some company is overdue

I started talking to the people in the halls!

-Hang in there Jose!

It gets a little lonely

all these empty desks

just watching the players spam by-


– Guys?

Please I know you’re back here

Players are asking where you’ve been

They say “just fix this” and I’m trying to

I’m on stand by for you, I’ve always been

We only have each other

It’s just you and me

When are we gonna smoke?

Do you guys wanna smoke one?

Welcome back girls!

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  1. Ok, you had too much time during Christmas…
    You are going to sing it tomorrow face to face!

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