I need to blog about this!

You know we all follow casual people or celebrities in twitter. Maybe from our favorite shows, maybe some interesting stuff of other kinds, friends, co-players etc etc…

One of the people I follow is Kevin Sussman. You might know him better as Stuart Bloom from the Comic Book Store in BBT. I like the character a lot (don’t ask me why) and I kinda imagine the real person very similar to it, probably nothing to do with the Stuart but you know how brain works… Anyway, to the point! THAT guy, made my day today!

Back story, President Obama apparently finally got a twitter account and is posting stuff, so Kevin commented this today for whatever reason:


To which I replied:


Because it’s true, 25t/10d!

To which he then replied:


I never thought of drama Kings tbh!

But, when I replied:


This happened:


Oh yeah! That means I’m funny right? 😀


Anyway, since I really like the guy, it really made my day and I wanted to share it here. Not that much to show it off but in case I ever get Alzheimer’s or amnesia and by any chance I remember who Kevin Sussman is and that this blog is mine, then I’m sure that’d be something I’d love to make myself remember again!

Talk to you soon again I hope, if not you’ll find me on twitter… Stalking… Judging… The usual =)

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