Greece: Mykonos – Back to everyday!

So… It’s been a while I know but I didn’t have any spare time lately! Today was my last day of summer vacation though so I couldn’t just lay down on the couch and be lazy, I had to get in here! For those who don’t know, I wasn’t able to take some proper vacation since January this year, so those 2 weeks were really needed and very welcomed!

So basically I don’t have any specific topic to talk about but… I have few things to share…

1. Soon (within the next couple of weeks) I’ll put up my youtube channel a video of few places that I went on my vacation.

2. Since this post was not planned or anything, I decided I will share here some pictures of Mykonos from my vacation!

Shall we start?

So here’s a view (from Google maps) of the island, and the little red stars show you the places I went:


Bit small, I know, but it’s meant to give you just a small idea. Basically you see the 2 stars on top are on the NW side of the island and the 2 stars underneath are were the “city” of the island is. Let’s start with that!
The “city” of the island is called Chora (Χώρα). There you can find the 2 ports, tons of stores known brands or local ones, amazing coffee shops with view of the ports/sea, few museums and of course the very famous windmills!


There are 6 of them if I am not mistaken, this one is the last one, closest to the see, if you want to learn a little more about them, click here.

Another cute thing that I really like, that you can see from the city but you’ll have to walk quite a lot to see from closer is this little gem that I am not quite sure what it is but it has some castle wall remains…




The most magical spot of all though is the Lighthouse! Its actual name is Faros Armenistis or Armenistis Lighthouse in english (the star on top of the map). Armenistis means “sailor that takes care of mooring and sailing”, no wonder why one would name a lighthouse like that.


Although the lighthouse is in a really poor condition, I’m sure at some point someone will try to restore it. The lighthouse is no longer functional and you can’t enter it anymore (as kids we were entering from the broken windows – not good!) but trust me, it’s a really beautiful place to visit, check the view and take a deep breath of strong wind combined with ocean!


Last but not least, while leaving the Lighthouse, passing through Choulakia beach (something you’ll see in the video), which is known for the beautiful round stones -that you are not suppose to remove- that replace the sand (I believe it’s the only beach in Mykonos with stones on the ground), heading on the way to Agios Stefanos (St. Stephan) beach and just before a hotel that is up the hill, you can turn right to an ugly little road, instead of follow the normal street and after a few bumps you’ll face this beauty:


These are actually the remains of what looks like a really old church and you’ll have to climb your way all the way down some very “challenging” stairs in order to be able to get to the tiny “side-island”, which is attached to Mykonos of course through a really tiny bit of land. The only problem, the lot that you have to cross, if not also the little side-island itself, are private property so you will be actually be trespassing. Not to worry though, whoever lives there must be very friendly and understanding. The door is always open and all the times I’ve been there I didn’t get yelled at even once!

I will try to make a bit deeper research about these places and maybe make a follow up post about them, till then…

I hope you all had a great Summer and talk to you soon!


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