France: Disneyland – My first Youtube video!

Hello everyone!

I finally managed and created my first youtube video. I wanted to do this already for a loooong time. The only big problem I had was my camera, that was really old, and the quality of videos was terrible! This video doesn’t have the best quality either since it’s from my phone camera but trust me, it’s much better than my normal camera!

I took few tiny videos of some favourite Disneyland Paris spots and put them all together for you, also I included some pictures. In case you are wondering, I was there last weekend for 2 days (only). I’ve been in Disneyland many many times before but this last time was very special to me as I went with 2 friends and colleagues of mine, Piink and LadySky. We had tons of fun but I believe all 3 of us are still recovering (don’t worry we’re on a good way)!

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