The Mrs… Always Right!

Oh, I know… I haven’t blogged for a while but… it’s been few crazy months lately! Basically, I did not have a break since June! There was always something going on and there was always one big thing happening each month! The cherry on top being that I got married! On Halloween! 😀

Now that things are finally starting to go back to normal I will finally be able to focus more on the things I love, one of them being Youtube. I’m about to buy a proper camera finally, so I can make better quality videos and I’m already working on a December plan about what I’d like to do and feature in the videos. If I manage to pull it through till the end I’ll be really proud of myself!

Today though, I just wanted to share with you few things from my instagram, just little things that I really really have loved in the past few weeks!

 6This is Spooky being rescued from a sea of leaves that he totally underestimated!







This was few nights after the wedding, this chocolate, that my friend Lilly brought from the airport (I love hazelnuts!) and I spent the whole evening together while reading “The girl in the spider’s web”.




This is from a funny story. The day after the wedding, we needed to go back to pick up some stuff from the party location. The tram that we wanted to take was not passing from its usual place so we ended up taking the bus to we-didn’t-know-where, we ended up in the other side of the city, waiting this time for yet another tram, but this… was the view of the tram stop. So autumnal!


3Oh la la! This was one of the best days! I wanted to make a video out of this but unfortunately I did not have enough material. Basically this is like 30 minutes away from our place. It’s a farmer’s place I think and they sell pumpkins! All the colours! All the kinds! PUMPKINS! Oh yes, at the wedding we didn’t have flowers, we had pumpkins ^^


2This is from my Bachelorette (?) weekend!? 3 Disney fans in Disneyland Paris… Shopping like maniacs… I couldn’t have asked for anything better!





And this… These are how I get through winter here. If I don’t use hand cream and lip balm, my hands and lips start falling apart! I almost always was using the usual Neutrogena stuff, but this year I discovered this Nordic Berry line, which I think is new and I went nuts with it. There is also a body lotion and body balsam but I didn’t see them in the store here so I might have to order them online.

So… this is it for now, wish me luck for my videos!


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