London: The Sherlock Holmes Museum



The Sherlock Holmes Museum is located in 221b Baker Street and the underground stop for it is: Baker Street.

It’s only like 5 minutes away from the station by foot and it’s a really cute place!

Now, I am not a Sherlock Holmes Fan at all! Not that I dislike Sherlock Holmes, I just never was interested enough to read any of these stories (it’s on my to-do list though). Just keep in mind that this is basically a tiny little place and not some huge exhibition about Sherlock Holmes or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s just a tiny 3-4 story town house with really nice decorations and a gift shop next to the entrance.

It’s cheap to go, fun to see and “why not” just to go there?

I’ve read some reviews about the place and many Sherlock Holmes Fans, I assume, were trashing it. I don’t really see why although I cannot know what those people were expecting.


If you want to find out more here is a link to their official website:


The Sherlock Holmes Museum