Black Hermione! Yay or Nay?

Well, here is the deal. The last weeks, even months maybe, the internet is fussing with opinions about the “Black Hermione” portrayed by the beautiful Noma Dumezweni. So far, I have divided the different opinions in three categories.

  1. Hermione shouldn’t be black because… reasons.
  2. Hermione shouldn’t be black because Emma Watson wasn’t and it feels inconsistent.
  3. Hermione is now black and this is fine.

I must admit, when I heard that an actress was cast as Hermione that looks nothing like Emma Watson I was really sceptical – to say the least. I was basically falling into the category number 2. I don’t like changes, especially when I feel like Emma Watson is engraved in my head and heart as Hermione.

Right now, I feel very differently about it. The reasons being the following:

  • As JKR very nicely pointed out, the race of Hermione was never specified in the books.
  • It’s not fair for Emma Watson, or any actress for that matter, to be known for one role – especially since she has worked on plenty of stuff since her Hermione days and let’s face it, we all cannot wait to see her as Belle in the Beauty and the Beast [Trailer] next year. So why keep her stuck when she herself has moved on? Hopefully the big Hermione change will help with that.
  • JKR herself said that they chose the best actress and she is black. What more does someone need? The writer herself confirms that Noma Dumezweni was the best choice for this. If she wrote the book/script and she thinks this is the best choice then why do muggles think otherwise?

We must not really forget what Hermione really represents. First, let me tell you what she does NOT represent: a race. Hermione is so much more, she is the “brightest witch of her age” and she is every single girl that probably read the Harry Potter books or watched the Harry Potter movies, a skin colour, she is not!

Black Hermione, is still our Hermione!

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