So, my friend piink -that is all weird as an owl but fluffy as a flamingo- and I were chatting today and I came up with the GREAT idea that I obviously had to force on her – I do that, yes. The idea was to blog, about anything, daily and for a week. The challenge starts on Saturday18/06 and ends next Saturday 25/06.


  • Blog once per day, no special theme, just whatever pops in your mind
  • Share your blog post on twitter with the hashtag #oneweekdailyblogging

Acceptable: Write your blogs in advance and schedule them (after all some of us need to work hard during the week).

Piink accepted the challenge and challenged our boss Tom, who has a blog as well, to do it. Tom now accepted -because he obviously adores us- and challenged other people! This is about to get funny so stay tuned!

Blogs that accepted the #oneweekdailyblogging challenge:

I’ll add more as and if more people join in!

Do you have a blog? Joins and be crazy not lazy!