Day 2 of #oneweekdailyblogging: My new BUTLERS treasure and a taste of France!

This ain’t gonna be your usual blog post. Yesterday I unpacked what I won in a BUTLERS contest on Facebook. The video will follow of course but let me first tell you what was in that box!

  • 3 mugs (pale yellow, baby pink, blue/green)
  • 3 bowls (pale yellow, baby pink, blue/green)
  • 1 cute tea kettle in the same pale yellow

This is from one of the new series that BUTLERS has called “La grande Brasserie“. For those of you that don’t know, Brasserie translates into Brewery, but it’s actually a type of restaurant that you find all over France. It’s pretty much a casual yet cozy place with nice, not extravagant, warm food and each neighbourhood will probably have more than one of this type of restaurants. Actually, when my parents and I moved to France back in 1994, our first night out (and first night ever in Paris for all the three of us) was in a Brasserie. If you ever end up in France, and decide to eat in a Brasserie, go for the chicken salad. I was never let down by the chicken salad!

Anyway, back to our thing. So, this box was sent to me with these cute things that you can see me unpacking here:

See you tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Day 2 of #oneweekdailyblogging: My new BUTLERS treasure and a taste of France!”

  1. Uhh awesome, it’s super cute!
    Well done 🙂
    I am still laughing about your comment with the ‘useful husband’ 😀

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