Day 3 of #oneweekdailyblogging: #HAPPINESS Mykonos!

Hello all! In my Bringing you up to date post, I mentioned that I managed to get involved with my cousin’s store Facebook and Instagram page, so today I’ll be blogging about this.

Doing the job I do for more than 6 years now, you’d think I would have everything figured out, and that during work I would be in a fully automatic/robotic mode -being honest with you- I though the same as well. That was till my cousin renovated her clothing-store and decided to revamp it and follow the trends! This ended up in her daughter taking care of their Instagram page and the two of them taking care of the Facebook page as well.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to understand the potential of such a move nor I expect them to know how everything works so… at some point I decided to step in and work on these pages. I started by taking over Instagram – or more correctly: making a new one since we manage to lose the pass and the email of the account was wrong-, asking them to give me content to post, making the pictures there nice, presentable, and fun to browse and my next step was to sort out the facebook page, add albums (and lose these “Mobile Upload” albums that made me ashamed!).

Down the way I realised that -with a content that such a store can have when new merchandise arrives, plus my normal amount of work, plus my well-known lack of focus in general and on top of all that my mind bouncing from one project to the other -it was not an easy task and there were times it was hard to keep up with everything. This is when I went back to the old roots: Hootsuite. Now, the Community Managers out there of course are familiar with Hootsuite, for those of you who are not:
Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to have full overview of whatever social platform you put in there but most importantly, it’s one of the very few tools that allows you to schedule -an unlimited amount of- stuff for Instagram. As you might know, Facebook has this option implemented by itself, Twitter has Tweetdeck doing that job, Instagram… well… so far, doesn’t have anything like that – at least that I know of!
Note here that Hootsuite has a Twitter Support and these guys are just AWESOME to work with. They are nice, fast, helpful, caring, in general they are everything you would ask from a Support department and I LOVE THEM!

So now, Facebook ended up with albums full of stuff and Instragram ended up with the most colourful content ever ^^

Of course some times I chase them around to make me the picture I want, but I’ll never forget, one afternoon I poked my cousin (who also happens to be my Godmother btw), asking her to send me some male-stuff coz they work well on Instagram (I expected like 3-4 pics) and I ended up with 2 weeks of content out of nowhere!

I also had my share of “arguments” with my cousin (the daughter), trying to make her understand that this is not a private Instagram account so she doesn’t have to follow everyone she knows but limit her follow to: costumers, partners and accounts with similar stuff.

How I make it work:

  • I mostly schedule everything I get my hands on, we have even made a group on Facebook where my cousin can post ALL the pics she got and I grab them from there (later on we will put my Godmother there as well – I just need to explain to her how that works) and once it’s live and I pop up on Facebook I sort the pictures in the right albums.
  • On Instagram, everything is also scheduled with Hootsuite, usually the new pics come daily at 10:00am, so on my next break after that I just check my Hootsuite notifications and post whatever is scheduled for that day on Instagram.
  • The moment I have new content, I spend my Saturday and/or Sunday mornings sorting it out, editing it, putting the store-logo for the Instagram pics and then scheduling it.

Simple as that!

Now, why is this so special and worthy of a post in my blog? Well, this is something VERY different from what I do in my job here. I don’t handle a game, with screenshots and players, I handle pictures with clothes, designers, costumers. Also, since it’s a family thing, it doesn’t matter if something goes wrong, we’ll just laugh about it and of course, since it is a family thing, it is very special to me as it gives me one more reason to communicate and remain in touch with them. It’s so out of my comfort zone that it is challenging enough, for sure not boring and quite a nice change. Adding to the “family thing” keep in mind, I don’t get paid for this since come on, who asks for money from their own family? BUT, I do get clothes! 

And… last but not least, after 6 years here in Germany, saying to the Greeks (non players) that I’m a Community Manager and them looking at me like “Is this something you just made up? Do we have you somewhere in Germany locked up in a madhouse?” part of my family managed to finally understand what is a Community and how can you manage it! If this, didn’t bring us a step closer then I don’t know what will!

Feel free to check the stores Facebook Page and Instagram account.

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