Day 5 of #oneweekdailyblogging: The Wizard101 Community

Actually, even after being gone for so long, the Wizard101 Community spirit is still in me somewhere. Even though if I have not played for a while now my mind is always stuck in making a Wizard101 related post. So, this one will be it. And then hopefully I’ll let it go (who am I kidding here?).

This is the 10 things I’ve missed with Wizard101 since October 2013 (not in any specific order):

  1. Sunday morning, barely awake, fresh coffee in my hand, reading what the bloggers and fansiters did the past week
  2. The almost instant kills that my Life School was suffering in Pvp from Storm School Wizards – 2 rounds and I was out
  3. These defeat and collect quests that I hated back then but I’ve always been so unlucky that they made me laugh
  4. Staying up late listening to Ravenwood Radio (time difference again -.-)
  5. Taking selfies with Sherlock Bones which was my biggest NPC crush ever!
  6. Trying to make sense and count my crafting ingredients to see if I could make this or that
  7. Checking thoroughly ALL the houses looking for secret passages
  8. My favourite girls: Kelsey Fireheart, Paige MoonShade, Christina IceDreamer and their funny Twitter stories
  9. Burger talking with Spiritcaller
  10. The group hugs and positive energy of all the #twizards 

Honourable mentions: 

11. The tag games we were playing Friday nights in my house with all the UK players we could fit in
12. Getting pulled in fights in Marleybone rooftops
13. Creating teleportal-mazes between houses

To all the Wizards out there: I love you all guys SO SO SO much!!!

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