Last day of #oneweekdailyblogging: To our next rendez-vous!

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!

I initially wanted to make a “post mortem” entry for today, this is why I wanted to wait for everyone else to be done but… turns out that Piink had kind of the same idea so now I have to step up my game.
Firstly, I would like to thank the people that participated in my crazy idea and let them know that I really appreciated their presence in this challenge. I’m really glad (and quite positively surprised) that we’ve managed to pull it through till the very end. Of course, most likely, for some it was easier than others -since they have active blogs and are working really often on them, but still, having to put something, out there, every day and invest time in it, is not as easy as it seems – but we all did know that, didn’t we?

If you’ve read, my first post or maybe the other blogs, you’ve probably realised that the idea was pretty spontaneous, not organised at all (we did fix it a bit on the way) and not very spread but with the right attitude it turned out something much better than expected.

So, I would like to –officiallyinvite, not challenge (except Tom174_ – consider yourself challenged), all the six bloggers that joined this adventure to join and help spread the word, for another week of daily blogging BUT (calm down guys, no killing me yet), in December 2016 (I’m giving you 6 months here!). Nobody is forced to join if they don’t want to – it’s just an invitation, I just thought, since you have already experienced this week, you’d be the perfect people to be its ambassadors for the future.

It shouldn’t take much time to organise, we have our hashtag, we will use some kind of “stamp” image like the one Swordroll used at the bottom of his entries, a common text announcement to all our blogs instead of just mine and we just inform our blogger friends or even bloggers from blogs that we love to read -just a little more in advance =)

If you’re in, let me know so I don’t forget you when the time comes, if you are out, no hard feelings (except for badidol that I do expect more from ^^).

Thank you all VERY VERY much -from the bottom of my heart- for brightening up my week and making me look forward to coming home and check out what you’ve guys had come up with to talk about.


Blogs that accepted the #oneweekdailyblogging challenge:

Write to all of you soon =)


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  1. Count me in. But you will probably have to remind me once it’s time to start 🙂

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