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Day 4 of #oneweekdailyblogging: My TOP 5 nostalgic memories from France

Hello all! Another day of #oneweekdailyblogging!

This post started as the top 10 nicest/funniest memories I had in France but I decided to go on a more mellow way. To give you a bit of insight, when I was 11, my parents and I moved to Paris-France for 4 years. While I have multiple types of memories from these 4 years, the ones in this post are what I have categorised as the most nostalgic ones. The ones that come back to you and make your lips smile instantly!

So here they are:

5. Croque Monsieur/Madame: The first time ever out with my parents and I. I spoke about this in a previous post. We went to a Brasserie and got some dinner. What I didn’t mention before is that none of us knew what was what in the menu nor had any idea what could be a nice dish to order. And ok, let’s admit this, your first night in France, having dinner out, you do not want to screw this up! So, at some point, us still looking at the menu, the food arrives at the table next to us. It was some type of sandwich, with toast bread and a sunny-side up egg on top. I was DROOLING over their plates! So I told my dad “This is what I want!“. My dad of course was so happy that I managed to put him in the position of him having to show the waiter what the people next to us were having and tell him I want the same, I’m telling you, he looooved it (not)!

4. My first french ice-cream: This is a cute one – embarrassing then, cute now. There was some type of bakery/pastry corner shop close to our home. In summer they had the most amazing ice creams. Every time we were passing I was about to cry when I saw people holding their tiny yet delicious-looking ice creams. So, our first summer there I asked my mom for one. She said no problem, gave me some money and told me to go get. I went there, I asked for the ice cream and once I got it I had to pay for it. The place was really busy so the lady in the panic told me how much it was but I didn’t catch it properly. Note here that my mom at this point was standing a meter away from me next to the door. So, I asked her “can you please repeat the amount slowly?”. The lady looked at me like What the…? So I explained her  that I’m not French and I still get confused by the numbers. She switched to a surprised face and answered me something like “Oh dear, you speak so well I couldn’t tell”, then told me the amount again slowly, I paid her and went my way. THIS was the first time my mom EVER heard me speaking in French. She didn’t know I could speak nor that I could understand and communicate before that day. To be honest, I didn’t either as after a while it just came natural. She asked me what happened and after explaining her she had the proudest peacock walk on our way home. She still remembers that day as the Day-I-realised-my-daughter-spoke-French.

3. Disneyland Paris: For those of you closer to me it’s no news, for the rest: I’m a big Disney Fan. My mom was before me -still is- and she passed it onto me. While in France, Disneyland was really accessible to us. We’ve been approx 30 times in our 4 years there. Anyways, there were some days that I was not good, not in mood to go to school, you know these days you just want to be with your mom and the rest of the world shouldn’t be there etc… Well, these were the days that usually started with me pretending to be sick (I’m a horrible liar) and wanting to stay at home, my mom would always come to my bed and ask me “Are you really sick or just antisocial today?” – she could just tell and of course, me knowing I wouldn’t be able to lie I was just admitting that I just wanted to stay home (I was not skipping any test days or anything, I was not that kind of kid xD), so then she was getting out of my room, coming back after a while (later I realised she was arranging stuff with my dad) and she was telling me “Alright, I took the day off, if you hurry up we’ll manage to be in Disneyland before the huge lines start”. Isn’t that pretty much every kid’s dream? Because, it for sure was mine! One day, break from reality, with my mom, just having fun! I can proudly say, that we did have that 11 years later that we went just the 2 of us, before I moved to Germany and it was just as awesome!

2. The first time at the Eiffel Tower: Over the years in France we established our routines and procedures. Each time we wanted to go visit the Eiffel Tower, which was often since we were only like 20 minutes away walking, we had to go to the Carousel that is in the other side of the tower for me to ride. Now, keep in mind I kept doing that till I was 15, I just loved it. It was pretty, colourful, shinny and to me… unique… But… this tradition didn’t start like that. Our first days in Paris we wanted to explore the neighbourhood, walking. We were going around, the 3 of us, sometimes also with Zai, our dog but that first day -in Trocadero- it was just the 3 of us. It was I think early October and quite cloudy so we grabbed our umbrellas and went to see the Eiffel Tower. We arrived at the huge square across the other side of the Seine -in case you don’t know where Trocadero is- and it was like someone suddenly turned the water on. It started. POURING RAIN, WIND, STORM. Umbrellas didn’t even stand a chance so we didn’t even bother opening them. We went home, half lost on the way yet soaking wet, half pissed but laughing. Next weekend, my mom bought us all raincoats.

1. Waking up in the middle of the night for the view.
This is an interesting one and my top moment. My dad was always staying up till late. Watching TV, studying his books, sometimes he was even going to bed early in the morning (I took after him on that). Across the street from the building that we were living in, was a row of old two-three stories houses, with their tiny little garden but huge gates in the front, surrounded by other taller yet still old buildings from behind. This view is what makes me today to love so much Paris’ rooftops. Now picture this… Dad wakes my mom up at 3 o’clock in the morning, then he wakes me up to come look out of the window. There was quite some light (it was Paris after all) reflecting on all the snow-covered rooftops! It was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. They just looked like someone had threw sugar powder everywhere!
This is a picture of the houses, the picture cannot explain of course the view that we had from the 4th floor but it might give an idea.


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