Birthday Presents Highlights <3

Hey everyone!
So my new goal is to have a new blog post for you each Wednesday, at least for the month of July. So far so good! This post might be a little boring for some but it had to be done.

June 15th was my birthday and as every year Emy’s world got new additions. I will leave out money, that is a nice gift as well but nothing to show off here and pass on to the rest! I won’t pick favorites so you will see them in the same order that I got them, fair right? (additional pictures at the end of the post)

1st addition to Emy’s world was a box with all Harry Potter books, in English! Now now, I have obviously read the books before, some in English, some in Greek but I needed to have them all, nice and neatly, with same style of covers in a cute box. Don’t judge me because they simply look gorgeous!


My 2nd addition were speakers (grown up ones – no pink!) for my computer, but this is nothing that I’m planning to unplug and take a picture of right now, sorry ^^

My 3rd precious addition was from  Urban Decay the “Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette”. It has GORGEOUS colours, but even if it didn’t the box itself is just a masterpiece!


The 4th addition was a Butlers gift card for me to buy whatever might pop in my mind, which… I have not used yet but… I’m thinking…. Should I buy more from the Brasserie set that they have already given me and expand it, or should I go for something else? I need to think about this!


My 5th and last addition came with flip-flops. Chocolate ones! Look at these, don’t they look delicious? I can’t say they look comfortable though and for sure they are not meant for you to wear on a warm day!


So, this is pretty much all the nice gifts I got this year.  See you soon!

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a2 a4 a3

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