Hello and thanks for visiting!
I’m Emy, dog-mom to Spooky – the quietest Shih-tzu ever and wife to K – the kindest German ever!
We all live in Karlsruhe, Germany. The city that I call home since 2010.
I’m originally from Greece and as I teenager I lived for fours years in the beautiful city of Paris, France with my parents. Since then, I’ve always wanted to live abroad but there are of course days that I miss my country a little too much.
This blog is quite old but I’m working on re-vamping it. I used and still will use this space to share ideas, wants and anything that inspires me and is worthy to look at.
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Spooky is a black and white, 10 year old shih tzu, small in size but big in attitude. He loves couch-evenings, home cooked meals and biting fingers.


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